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Man Down EMS Heat #2 All Jessie Goodson wants to do is put the past behind him and focus on his dreams of becoming a paramedic Broken and scarred in ways than one he yearns to prove to everyone who’s ever doubted him that he can make something of himself Determined to succeed the last thing he wants is anything or anyone to distract him from his goalRandal Connors’s job is to train new medics it sure as hell isn’t to mess around them Especially a certain blond who’s not only way too young for him but haunted by a secret past But forbidden or not Randal still finds himself becoming attracted to Jessie with each passing dayThen the explosive details of Jessie’s secrets come out and Randal knows he can’t turn his back on the man But in helping Jessie will Randal lose everything he has

About the Author: Stephani Hecht

Stephani Hecht is a happily married mother of two Born and raised in Michigan she loves all things about the state from the frigid winters to the Detroit Red Wings hockey team Go Wings You can usually find her snuggled up to her laptop creating her next book or gorging on caffeine at her favorite coffee shopWhen she’s not running around like crazy trying to get her kids to their various ac

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    I really liked this story about two EMTs one a student and the other an instructor partly because it wasn't the typical studentteacher situation that was the focus of this bookJessie has been abused and is determined to forget all about it except he can't Randal never intended to give in to his attraction but can't help himself Both have to learn to live with Jessie's pastRandal's love

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    Man Down EMS Heat #2 by Stephani Hecht

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    I really enjoyed reading this seuel to Running Hot It's a fun sexy story with a touch of angst and the only thing I didn't like was how short it was There's also a bit of humor some hot sex and a sweet loving ending I'm definitely happy to have read this story and would love to read of Jessie and Randal's storyComplete review posted at Rainbow Reviews

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    I liked this one even than the first It's plotty intriguing plus we've got a chance to meet James and Calvin from the previous book The only thing that rubbed me the wrong way was the overusing of the word 'puppy' Seriously I'm not a fan of using it in this context even once although in that case it could pass as endearment I reckon but so many times it just felt disturbing to me

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    This was a very interessting second part of the series Compared to the first part there was plot in this one; the chemistry between the MC's their interaction and Jessie's secret made this a very good read It was nice meeting characters from the book before and I will definitly continue this series 4 stars for this one

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    Jessie has a past history of abuse and Randal is just the man to come into his life and love Jessie the way his heart and soul needed from any man Randal brings Jessie peace and understanding Behind that tall rock of a handsome man and hard body Randal is a gentle soul There's not much I'd like to say other than for as short as this book is it remained entertaining I would describe this masterpiece in the same manner as a p

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    35 stars How to rate a short story? I have no idea But I am in a uandary with this one because I loved it but wanted a lot of a back story on both Randall and Jessie But I also like that they are short so that I can gete to the next one uickerOh well sometimes there is just no pleasing me But it is well worth the read

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    Another adorable characters albeit a little yaoi stereotyping of a big bulky man and a much smaller guy But again both Randal and Jessie are enjoyable characters

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    35 stars would have been 4 But they need to be longer

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    This was just as good as the first one Jessie and Randal were great together I loved the was Randal stood by Jessie after everything came out that was great This series seems to be really good

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