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Road to the Dales Gervase tells of a life full of happiness conversation music and books shared with his three siblings mother and father This book is a snapshot of growing up in Yorkshire in the 1950s reminisce with Gervase and share in his personal journey of school days and holidays as well as his tentative steps into the adult world You can devour numerous uproarious stories including the incident involving a broken greenhouse crashing his brother's newly restored bike as well as secrets about his first dates adventures at summer camp family trips to Blackpool and many other captivating tales With a wicked ear for the comical and a sharp eye for detail this beautifully written book visits poignant moments significant events and precious memories from a boy called GervaseI love Gervase Phinn's books His writing is gentle family friendly with a sharp observational humour that gives his words a wry wit As a conseuence I was thrilled to see that Phinn had written a new book dealing with his own life while growing up in YorkshireMy view of this book is extremely positive in the main In fact the main factor of 'Road to the Dales' I didn't enjoy was the structure Phinn's commentary darts all over the place which does give the novel a gossipy feel this might have been the aim to be fair but doesn't help the reader really get too much of a grasp on what Phinn will be chatting about next It is far from linear and in the first part deals with Phinn's family than on his own storyI did also recognise a few anecdotes from Phinn's novels about being a school inspector in Yorkshire It strikes me that most people who would read this book would have read his prior novels and so it seemed a little short sighted to duplicate material Happily it was very infreuentThese minor issues aside 'Road to the Dales' is a wonderful book The stories of Phinn's early life and his progress through school the holidays he takes the games he plays on the street outside his house all are related with warmth and a huge affection for the places and people that informed PhinnHaving a father of a similar age as Phinn lent extra poignancy to my read since I've heard my dad speak of many of the same sweets food games experiences from when he was growing upThe part of the novel that I enjoyed the best was the way Phinn spoke about his teachers and the learning that led him to pursuing the role that we see him taking on in his books about being a school inspector I also had good humoured passionate and experienced teachers while going through primary and secondary school who definitely helped to instill in me a love of books and learning and appreciate Phinn's eulogising on how important a factor it is in a young person's life uotes like the following fill the pages Like all great teachers he did not stick slavishly to a script but would deviate and tell stories to arouse our interest What I learnt from Ken Pike was the importance of young people having high expectations and self beliefI also loved the humour something that I'd already encountered in his books about being a school inspector Little anecdotes such as the following are delightfulOne trainee nurse a permanently cheerful Jamaican woman with a beaming smile and sunny disposition was assisting the anaesthetist in another operation'Arm board' he said meaning the device on which the patient's arm rests prior to the administering of the anaesthetic The nurse nodded and smiled but made no move'I said arm board nurse' repeated the anaesthetist sharply'Ah'm bored too doctor' she replied pleasantly 'but we'll soon be going home'As a final point I do 'Road to the Dales' is an effective study of life in the 50s and 60s in northern England Health and safety were unheard of and life would have been unrecognisable to many of us brought up in a time where political correctness and safety for children are constantly spoken about Parents didn't worry about where you were who you were with what you were doing and never imagined that predatory paedophiles were lurking around every corner and hiding behind every bush It wasn't as if they didn't care about us Amazingly in all those early years apart from a few scrapes and scratches I never hurt myself and was never approached by the stereotypical 'dirty old man in a raincoat'Gervase Phinn admits candidly that if you are looking for a memoir of a childhood filled with misery and difficult situations then you need to go elsewhere Phinn writes with love about his wonderful childhood his family and his experiences He recognises that he was blessed compared to others and that humble joy is very evident I greatly enjoyed this diverting novel and would recommend it to those who have enjoyed Phinn's prior work and those who enjoy real life memoirs Gervase tells of a life full of happiness conversation music and books shared with his three siblings mother and father This title is a snapshot of growing up in Yorkshire in the 1950s reminisce with Gervase and share in his personal journey of school days and holidays as well as his tentative steps into the adult world I confess I looked at the cover at this book and I wasn't sure it would be a book for me but many people on GR have spoken highly about Gervase Phinn so I overlooked my first impression and I'm glad that I didI thought this was a charming memoir of childhood in the Yorkshire Dales Gervase Phinn writes fondly of his parents siblings friends and teachers He is elouent on matters of education the unfairness of the 11 and grammar school system the problem of bullying within schools the demise of the family meal Often he is amusing sometimes he is outright funny and on occasion he moved me to tears Gervase Phinn never fails to make me smile and laugh and nod my head knowingly I have read all his books I have loved all his books Teacher School Inspector Public Speaker Author Poet and Patron of many charities for children turns the story on himself in this book and it's told with all the humour and honesty of his tales about the straight talking Yorkshire schoolchildren of his previous books Mr Phinn is obviously one of those brilliant people who were BORN to teach born to enlighten and encourage born to tell stories to write stories and to make people laugh and feel good about themselves I hope the next book isn't too far away I found this book mildly amusing It's one of those books that have some very funny anecdotes and you are able to dip in and out without there being a plot or real storylineI've read all of the Dales series by Gervase and they are much amusing hilarious at times and some of the stories from that series are replicated hereI've also seen Gervase live If you ever get the chance go and see him He is a better entertainer than writer and he's not bad at the latter This is the story of Gervase Phinn and all about his childhoodThis is before he becomes a teacher and a school inspector but it's still in line with his other books which are a must read as there's some great anecdotes and one linersLooking forward to seeing the man himself in a few weeks too Gervase Phinn is a delightful author and I very much loved his series I will most certainly be buying his children's books for my children Having enjoyed his books reading about him on a personal level was lovely An earnest and whimsical retelling of a youth geared around strong upbringing and educational commitment from the part of the Phinn family and the teachers who helped mould him I absolutely loved reading this book So much I could write about it but in brief it made me laugh out loud many many times it was a joy to read especially during the Lockdown It had brilliant insights much I can relate to as a failed 11 person myself where I too had amazing inspiring teachers at the Secondary Modern School I attended plus it was enlightening to learn of a way of life now all but gone in the UK I'm pleased Mr Phinn exposed the mean religious and legalistic spirit of the priest Hammond and glad he wrote with such honesty about that disappointing time in his mother's life but she was the victor in the end and did I feel pleased when she went up for communion after 13 years of being excluded I loved all the characters he describes and his style of writing I personally found completely engagingOne of the best autobiographies I've read in a long time was sad when it ended

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Gervase Phinn born 27 December 1946 Rotherham South Yorkshire England is an English author and educator After a career as a teacher he became a schools inspector He is now a freelance lecturer broadcaster and writer a consultant for the Open University Honorary Fellow of St John's College York Doctor of Letters DLitt of the University of Leicester Doctor of Letters DLitt of The

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