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Undercover agent Jake Pierson figures one romantic dinner will get never been kissed librarian Mary Walsh to tell him everything she knows about her late father's criminal activities But the Mary talks the Jake wants to shut her up with kisses Because he's falling for his own too trusting target—and there isn't a damn thing he can do about it Well maybe one thingWith her shiny new lease on life Mary has become wiser about a lot of things For one she can spot a liar a mile away She knows her gorgeous new boyfriend is hiding something And she has a sneaking suspicion those secrets will get them both killed unless he trusts her with the truth Covert Agent's Virgin Affair

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    SRS #1620

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    Courtesy of CK2S Kwips and KritiuesI’ve been reading Linda Conrad for several years and I know I can always count on her for a suspenseful read full of passion and adventure and than a little danger The Covert Agent’s Virgin Affair delivers all that in spades Don’t let the title fool you this book is so much Jake Pierson is an FBI agent undercover investigating a money laundering scheme in the little town of Honey Cre

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    After a great previous book by Linda Conrad not in this series this one came as a disappointment for me In general I don't like filler books in series when nothing monumental happens but a few minor details important for the series arc And this book was definitely a fillerI felt no connection to the characters or between them for that matter the suspense was almost nonexistent the one threat there was was never explained the bi

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    FBI agent Jake Pierson has years of experience working undercover yet he makes a rookie mistake when he falls for Mary Walsh the woman he is using to get information from about her father's death Mary Walsh is determined to start fresh New look new life She wants to believe that she has found the perfect guy in Jake however there is something is his face that hint that he maybe hiding somethingWhen both their lives are starting to

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    Miniseries The Coltons of Montana

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