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Renowned for its writing style trademark example method and learning goals Gitman and Joehnk's classic investment text is now in its Seventh Edition Addressing the growing demand to learn how to manage personal investments and finances the authors have turned the spotlight on individual rather than institutional investors Their strong real word focus includes superior coverage of mutual funds international investments and investment decision techniues The new edition makes use of the Internet through exercises and cross references to Internet resources An accompanying CD ROM offers hands on practice in analyzing companies for investment purposes All these distinctive features ensure that Fundamentals of Investing will continue to define the market for years to come Fundamentals of Investing

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    I can officially say that I understand investing better than I ever thought possible From derivatives to hedge funds to commodity futures this book covered them all and explained them in a way that even I could comprehend

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    Good investing book for business students and potential investors Material is easy to understand and offers real world examples

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    Clear concise and applicable Would recommend

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    Livro dificil para iniciantes mas ótimo para uem conhece

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    Не лучший выбор для Российского читателя В книге очень много материала связанного с законодательством США Плюс с 80 ч много воды утекло и

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    Went over everything that I already know but its a good refresher

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    Read 6 pages and did the test prep guidethat was enough for me

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