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La sangre ajena In the Basue Country in northern Spain just before the Civil War three men in dinner suits stop for a drink at a bar before continuing on their way to a wedding Their trip is interrupted when their leader the wealthy Don Leopoldo has a stroke in the restroomThis event bizarre and undignified though it is begins to weave together the lives of two remarkable women the bride the beautiful and distinguished Isabel Cruces and Mara Antonia Etxarri the bar owner's adolescent daughter Shortly after the outbreak of the war Mara Antonia is raped and Isabel's newlywed husband Captain Julen Herraiz is shot Both women find themselves violently altered alone and pregnant A crippled but wise local doctor is the only witness to the mysterious silent agreement these women conclude in the loneliness and desperation of their mutual suffering Many years later a young student grandson to Isabel returns to the scene of the events to spend an innocent summer studying for law exams As he goes about his work he unwittingly awakens the ghosts haunting both Mara Antonia and the doctor and through their memories the passionate stories of the past unfurl before the reader De Lope brilliantly reveals his incredible story through flashes of memory and emotion told in a winding torrent that expresses the cumulative nature of both history and nostalgia

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    The Wrong Blood is one of those novels I really wanted to love but left me feeling flat Several days after finishing the story I am not uite certain what Mr de Lope was trying to accomplish Was he trying to tell a story about the impact of the Civil War or was it a study of humankind and their reactions to adverse conditions? I suspect t

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    The Wrong Blood is the story of two women of different classes in Spain's Basue country Maria Antonia Etxarri the young daughter of a local innkeeper and Isabel Cruces Hernandez who comes from a family of wealth and influence During the Spanish Civil War 1936 1939 their individual tragedies unexpectedly bring and then bind them together for the r

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    This is really a 15 rating but I can't in good conscience give it the same number of stars that I have 50 Shades of Grey so whatevsThere's no doubt that this is a beautifully written book Full of poignant observations about life and such Definitely flowery and could haveshould have been toned down A lotBut there's an obvious problem with this book there's

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    When I started to read this book I was worried that I'd tackled it too soon after reading The Lacuna by Barbara Kingsolver The Wrong Blood was also a steak of a book and Manuel de Lope created a beautifully written story that translated incredibly wellThe story centers are three main people Maria Antonia Etxarri the daughter of a former innkeeper from a nearby town

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    The Wrong Blood opens in a small Basue village at the beginning of the Spanish Civil War alternating between 1930s Spain to present This is the first book of de Lope's to be translated into English and I am eager to read Literary and exuisite

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    It was my great pleasure to work on this stunning book The key is to surrender to the prose wade into the descriptions and let the story unfold in its slow magnificent way

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    The Wrong Blood is a beautifully written and translated novel by Spanish author Manuel de Lope Set in both the dark days of the Spanish Civil War and in current day Spain the story slowly rolls out of two women both greatly affected by the war and the aftermath A wealthy young bride who loses her husband in the war and a lowly born servant Isabel and Maria Antonia live a life together with t

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    This book was just okay I figured out what the entire secret was very early on and I felt the pacing to be excruciatingly slow I don't know if this was something that was because of the translation or if it was just the nature of the plot The setting and character building was well done and very melancholic and dreamy which kept me just interested enough to see how it would play out A very meditative

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    There isn't really much of a plot but the plot that is there plays out exactly how you think it will Except there is no real explanation of the arrangement between Maria and Isabel It's readable but not what I would call gripping or compelling

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    Manuel de Lope's The Wrong Blood is tough to review without giving up the ghost literallyIt is the story of three people bound by a series of shared spawned by the Fascists deathly advance through the Basue Country during the Spanish Civil War Situated for a few passages at the front the novel mostly broods in the enclosed worlds of two houses on the coast Los Sauces and Las Cruces In one of them live two victims of t

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