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The Thief Medusa Project #25 Walking the Walls The events in this special story take place between The Hostage and The Rescue but The Thief can be read as a stand alone storyThe Thief stars the four Medusa teens Nico Ketty Ed and Dylan Following the explosion that ended The Hostage the teens are sent to a boot camp in Spain to learn some discipline but also for their own protection On the way there the group are attacked and forced to carry out a high risk diamond theft

10 thoughts on “The Thief Medusa Project #25 Walking the Walls

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    WTF Its 25 I never knew about this WTF

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    Great book love it so interesting and makes me want to read it over and over again

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    It is really good it was the first Medusa Project I read because I saw it on World Book Day and it looked like the only decent thing there so I got it I really enjoyed it so much so I got the rest of the series I didn't however enjoy the actual series as much as I did with this one though

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    The Medusa project books are amazing if you like these types of book I would recommend it if you ; like books where people have powers as it sounds childish kids with powers but it totally isn't it has a way of making it interesting in a non childish way if that makes sense?

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    I love Chris Higgins books as said before I just wish that instead of them walking the walls they went to the library and did their homework Angie is weird for being 16 17 and going with a 13 year oldthe other book is okay too

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    I registered a book at BookCrossingcom

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    Straightforward and simple A uick and easy read

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    love it

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    I love reading all of the perspectives because Dylan But it's fast paced and filled with tons of action

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    not at library

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