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Daughters of Eden DAUGHTERS OF EDEN focuses on the lives and fortunes of four very different young women at the outbreak of the Second World War Marjorie left at a boarding school by her emigrating mother; plain Poppy pushed into marriage with a mean spirited aristocrat; Kate despised by her father but determined to prove herself; and man mad Lily who turns out to be the bravest of them allThat all of them are chosen to work undercover for the espionage unit at a beautiful stately home is a surprise not least to them At Eden Park they not only meet each other but become involved with three unusual young men Eugene the seemingly feckless Irishman; Robert Kate's brother; and dashing Scott a master of disguise and the undisputed favourite of the unit While there is hardly time for romance before each is sent out into the field there is just enough for passionate new relationships to form Only Jack Ward the mysterious spymaster manages to remain aloof as he guides their destinies The fact that they will look back on this time as having made them feel exuisitely alive than ever before is not something they will know until much later

About the Author: Charlotte Bingham

John Bingham the 7th Baron Clanmorris wrote detective stories and was a secret member of MI5 Her mother

10 thoughts on “Daughters of Eden

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    This book started out promising I found Poppy's story very intriguing However I found the subseuent characters were less interesting As the story progressed I became detached and found myself losing interest and not following the story I finished the book but didn't get much out of it

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    This was a really good romp through four girls lives in pre war Britain like a Rosamunde Pilcher or a good early Maeve Binchyuick read nicely done

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    Spies Tennis and war oh my Nicely woven plots and vibrant characters too

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    I am currently nursing a minor crush on Eugene

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    From the start I was uite invested into the story of poppy unfortunately the author just after chapter one where I was utterly hook decides to change the POV entirely and I was left scratching my head wondering what the hell was happening And I had to wait uite awhile before we return to Poppy’s story The other POVs were connected to poppy but not until toward

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    I had a difficult time deciding on a rating score for this novel The introduction of characters was sloppy making it difficult to keep each person clear sometimes leavīng physical details ūntil well after my picture of an individual had been formed The story centers on some young women in Great Britain în the days leading up to WWII through Christmas 1940 or 41

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    Apparently Daughters of Eden is a trilogy Unfortunately the first of its trilogy could not motivate me to hunt for the following two books; unusual since I am uite a war fiction buff

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    Great beginning dull middle and exciting endI have read the Bexham trilogy one of my favourite World War II series and thought this would be just as easy to read Unfortunately not It took me a few weeks to finish this so it was not an easy read The start of the novel was really interesting especially the backstory of Poppy and Majorie but I really felt the book lost i

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    Not my usual genre of book but surprisingly enjoyableAll of the main characters Marjorie Kate Poppy and Lily have both interesting back stories as well as their roles at Eden Park I liked that we got to find out a fair bit about each lady before they were all flung together by the war Their different personalities and roles highlight the fact that some women had vital r

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    One of those event filled but vaguely soothing British books about plucky young women during World War II This is not exactly high on plausibility but everyone seems vaguely nice except of course for the fascists There is a seuel apparently but everyone is faintly dull and I don't feel the need to seek it out

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