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One Corpse Too Many In the summer of 1138 war between King Stephen and the Empress Maud takes Brother Cadfael from the uiet world of his garden into a battlefield of passions deceptions and death Not far from the safety of the abbey walls Shrewsbury Castle falls leaving its ninety four defenders loyal to the empress to hang as traitors With a heavy heart Brother Cadfael agrees to bury the dead only to make a grisly discovery one extra victim that has been strangled not hanged

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    This was wonderful I was thinking all through it that I would be giving it four stars because I really have to save the very best books for five star class winners but then came the end which I adored So yep another five star book This is as good as The Leper of Saint Giles and that I gave five stars With that one I was shocked that I could love a book of a myste

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    This is the second Brother Cadfael mystery which is set during the summer of 1138 and takes place in Shrewsbury so sees Cadfael at home tending his herbs and potions in the Abbey gardens This is a time of turmoil with war between King Stephen and the Empress Maud Choosing sides causes discord and violence and Shrewsbury Castle is besieged The upheaval brings a young h

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    Book 2 of the Brother Cadfael series which is one I’ve been reading in no particular order The series is set in 12th Century England where a civil war is raging between cousins King Stephen and Empress Maud both claimants to the throne People support one or the other as per their beliefs and opportunity too but when the other party is in the ascendant their very lives ar

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    Ellis Peters’ “A Morbid Taste For Bones” travelled but the home sticking “One Corpse Too Many” was action packed Whether the constant movement kept Edith Pargeter’s soft adverbs in check or she improved; I was relieved I enjoyed her second novel so much better than I thought and won’t mind reading her third Medieval historical fiction and the crime type of mysteri

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    25A real disappointment especially since I enjoyed the first Brother Cadfael book so much such an intriguing premise A corpse mixed in with the victims of a massacre awesome ideaThis was a muddled mess and I'm not interested enough to go back to try to figure out where I becameconfused Having view spoiler two romantic couples hide spoiler

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    It's so refreshing to read a mystery series with no gore or bad language that is mixed with a cast of characters I'd like to know in real life They're wise honorable people The central character is a monk but don't let that put you off He becomes a real person with flaws not some pie in the sky paragon of perfection This book gives a black and white movie feeling for which I'm very grate

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    for every untimely death every man cut down in his vigour and strength without time for repentance and reparation is one corpse too manyOne Corpse Too Many is the second of the chronicles of “Cadfael” a Welsh Benedictine monk in 12th century England at Shrewsbury Abbey near the Welsh border Author Edith Pargeter who wrote under the pseudonym of Ellis Peters passed away in 1995 I vaguely

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    In 'One Corpse Too Many' by Ellis Peters the year is 1138 and it's war King Stephen and Empress Maud fight each other for the right to rule England Back and forth the lords their Knights and men at arms fight for their chosen liege Unfortunately for the town of Shrewsbury the castle is in the hands of supporters of Maud while Stephen's men are surrounding the town and preparing to attack The peopl

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    A very strong follow up This one steps up the historical battle between King Stephen and Empress Maud so it's about lords and knights rather than cloistered monksI enjoyed reading the origins of some of the series' mainstay characters such as Hugh Beringar and his wife to be Cadfael's wit and wisdom is always a pleasure Book two in the Cadfael series is not uite as clever as the first The murderer was

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    The trouble with me he thought unhappily is that I have been about the world long enough to know that God's plans for us however infallibly good may not take the form we expect and demandBrother Cadfael that former military man in a monk’s robe knows his onionsand his murder victims and fugitives When a murderer dumps his victim amongst the bodies of those hung for treason Cadfael is not willing to let th

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