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The Slap Christos Tsiolkas presents an apparently harmless domestic incident as seen from eight very different perspectives The result is an unflinching interrogation of our lives today; of the modern family and domestic life in the 21st century a deeply thought provoking novel about boundaries and their limits

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    Thank you Christos Tsiolkas you finally made my mind up for me and I have flung your horrid novel away from me in a graceless convulsion which mixed repulsion and depression in eual parts with a dash of glee Because for ma

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    This isn't any old review My opinion on this book has sparked an idea for a discussion I'd like to have with you about offensive content in novels I'd like to know how you react to it But first let's get to my review of thi

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    I read constantly I read for information for enlightenment for pleasure I read anywhere from 2 to 5 books a month and have for some 45 years I was excited when I first saw this title as I am one who shamelessly admits to oft

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    I do not consider The Slap to be a great piece of writing I feel it was created to provide mass appeal I found the uality of writing a little patchy and in places offensive The basic premise is an interesting one the incident

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    I read this book a few years ago and thought I would write a review as I recently watched the US TV mini series based on the book I also watched the series a couple of years ago that was filmed in Australia I love the fact tha

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    Having seen this spoken of so highly and having read the initial idea of how one instant can change so many lives i thought i'd give it a try i was disappointed Tsiolkas has an appalling view of humankind The way people think o

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    At a suburban barbeue one slap will change the lives of these people Christos Tsiolkas unflinchingly looks at domestic life in the Australian suburbs in the twenty first century The slap and its conseuences cause everyone to ues

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    FLOATNOW WITH TAX TIPS FOR DIVERSIFIED PORTFOLIOSSo I've heard a lot this morning from various MEDIA OUTLETS about this 'Merkin show based on an Australasian show based on this novel based on the movie Precious based on the novel

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    I positively HATED that book I only finished it because when I start a book well I just finish itFirst of all Language There is at least one occurrence of the word “fuck” “fucking” or even “cunt” I am no prude but in t

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    This was one of the best books I've read in a long time Filled with despicable but ultimately somehow sympathetic characters a microcosm of friends and family becomes a commentary on the social make up of the city of Melbourne the

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