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Starfighters of Adumar Star Wars X Wing #9 Book 9 in the exciting seriesThe X wing fighter pilots have earned their reputation as the Rebel Alliance's ultimate strike force by overwhelming enemies with their rapid fire assaults But now they are about to embark on a diplomatic mission that will prove to be even hazardous than all out combatThe neutral world of Adumar has decided to pick a side in the war to control the galaxy Delegates from both the New Republic and the Empire have been invited to Adumar and each camp will be given a chance to plead its government's case But there is one small catch since the Adumari prize military skill above all else they insist that both delegations be composed exclusively of fighter pilots For pilot Wedge Antilles and his company it's an unfamiliar exercise in diplomacy and one that's filled with unexpected peril For once they arrive the X wing pilots are challenged by Adumar's fierce warriors and attacked by Imperial assassins bent on eliminating all competition But these challenges pale in comparison to the threat posed by a rogue Republic agentone who is determined to win Adumar's allegiance once and for all even if it costs the X wing pilots their lives

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    Sort of like a reunion for the Rogue Suadron Starfighters of Adumar is an enjoyable space opera yarn that continues the saga of the other X Wing novels Is it the best of the series? No definitely not; however those who have read and loved the interstell

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    “If we act like the Empire we become the Empire”Wedge Tycho Hobbie and Wes have been sent to the world of Adumar to see if they will join the New Republic The Adumari isolated people who have recently been found adore pilots and welcome the four with ope

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    Hands down the most intentionally funny SW book ever And considering that Allston wrote 3 before this that's saying a lot Allston has a very clear picture of the characters and he draws them with incredible skill One of the marks of a good humorist is that the hu

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    The book that made me a writerYou can also read this review on my blog which is formatted nicelyhttpwwwjonathanfurneauxcomblogThroughout my lifetime I’ve perhaps read forty or fifty books based in George Lucas’s Star Wars universe The cannon of literature spanned

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    Having been going through the old Star Wars Legends books in chronological order in recent months I’ve read some good ones and bad ones But I’m always pleased when I see that the next one in line is by the late Aaron Allston I wouldn’t call him my favorite Star Wars

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    This is the book that single handedly kept me reading the Star Wars universe Given the increasing drop in uality of virtually every novel following the Thrawn trilogy I was near ready to give up on my goal reading in chronological order the entire Legends back catalogue of the

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    I am a girl who reads Star Wars novels and I have to say the entire X wing series of books are some of the best However Starfighters of Adumar is one of my personal favorites With the inclusion of Wes and Hobbie we get all the humor that Allston brought to the Wraith Suadron series

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    Starfighters of Adumar is one of the most entertaining Star Wars novels As a standalone adventure in the X Wing series you don't need a lot of background on the characters but it does help if you have read some of the other X Wing books and you'll have a lot of fun Aaron Allston writes w

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    A very fun book Allston has become one of my favourite Star Wars writers with his combination of light writing style plenty of action and effective use of humour The plot is vastly different from the rest of the X Wing series but the familiar tone ensures that the story doesn't feel out of pl

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    This is an amazing book Though it is very funny it has some very good lessons in it and makes you think It also has some romance clean romance which helps Though it is the ninth in a series it can be read alone

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