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When colonial slavery was abolished in 1833 the British government paid 20 million to slave owners as compensation the enslaved received nothing Drawing on the records of the Commissioners of Slave Compensation which represent a complete census of slave ownership this book provides a comprehensive analysis of the extent and importance of absentee slave ownership and its impact on British society Moving away from the historiographical tradition of isolated case studies it reveals the extent of slave ownership among metropolitan elites and identifies concentrations of both rentier and mercantile slave holders tracing their influence in local and national politics in business and in institutions such as the Church In analysing this permeation of British society by slave owners and their success in securing compensation from the state the book challenges conventional narratives of abolitionist Britain and provides a fresh perspective of British society and politics on the eve of the Victorian era The Price of Emancipation

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    i mean it's dry but well enough done i think the style is a regional academic differencedisciplinary difference than anything

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    Understanding Oppression African American Rights Then and Now

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