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Caught in the Act The grossly overused word bubbies is only the first reason I'm taking this to Half Price Books to sell I understand that it was a different time and a different language but if reading this book was like a drinking game I would die of alcohol poisoning from all the annoying overused words It was an ok story the characters were likeable enough but I found myself skipping paragraphs just to get to something interesting It's always so refreshing to open a Betina Krahn book and I've always had fond memories of two of her early works Caught in the Act and its seuel Behind Closed Doors However you know how memories are In this case they were correct It was a joy to reread Caught in the Act tempered with a little melancholy because Ms Krahn seems to be taking a rest from writing As much as we readers sometime forget authors are human beings too sometimes their personal lives hit bumps in the roads just like the rest of us Ms Krahn went through some very rough times not too long ago but now her life seems to be on the sunny side once againso maybe she will pick up that pencil or hit that keyboard and gift us with some bright sparkly workNow to the book Caught in the Act takes place in Tudor England during the last days of Mary Tudor's reign Any student of history will tell you that Mary's reign was full of dark dangerous scary intrigue Not only in the court but also in the countryside which is where most of this story takes place Our heroine Merrie is an orphan who has been raised by an older couple They have loved Merrie and given her free range with her inuisitive mind While she may be a total innocent in some ways she is intelligent beyond her years She speaks Latin and Greek reads classical books and is what one would call a learned woman But Merrie cannot stay with this wonderful couple who love her You see she's a romance heroine and for this story to work there must be some kind of tension That tension comes in the form of a crafty family of servants and a conniving solicitor These villains have a plan They have been skimming money from the estate of their doddering employer an earl for years And then what does this earl do? He dies Well what can these crafty villains do? They can pretend that he is still alive while they search for his heir Guess who his heir is? Can't think who it might be? Well I'll tell you our lovely innocent Merrie So they bring our honest trusting innocent Merrie to the estate in the care of a simply horrible companiongoverness and they continue to feed off of the estate Now for some reason they decide that in order to keep Merrie under their control even they must marry her off to a man of their choosing They look for a rake gambler someone who doesn't care about anything someone who is in desperate need of money They find that person of the form of Jack HuntingtonWell nothing turns out the way they or anyone else plans And let me say this about Merrie and Jack they are a wonderful couple The story seemed to be organized in sections; the funny section the heartbreak section and the defeat the villain section Each portion of the book was marvelous and had me smiling through most of it In the first part of the book Merrie overhears her scheming caretakers planning her marriage to someone she doesn't know and she runs away Now because this is a romance book and we all know how coincidental things happen within those covers whose room should she accidentally hide in when she's running away? Jack of course And what is Jack doing? Well he's seducing a married woman Merrie who is hiding in the closet gets uite an eyeful Not knowing that Jack is her intended she hightails it back to the estate and into the scheming arms of the villains When Jack shows up at the estate to claim his bride Merrie sees who it is and doesn't want to have anything to do with him So her clever plan is to do things that will give him a disgust of her but all those things do is intrigue Jack There were some pretty funny parts in this portion dare I say it some chuckle out loud times Anyway it is during this time period that Jack and Merrie get to know each other become friends and eventually fall in love Then Jack is forced by the villains to leave Merrie behind and he does I have to say that Ms Krahn writing was so exceptional during this portion that I could actually feel Merrie's pain as Jack is leaving her Some great writingAnd that is only half of the book There's wonderful writing that comes Jack has to not only defeat the bad guys but grovel and win Merrie's love back Spoiler he does Caught in the Act is a funny touching book It's filled with laughter intrigue poignancy heartbreak and a satisfying ending I highly recommend this delightful storyKaysBlog Surprisingly funny at times with interesting Hh It was a treat to read and the hero is swoon worthy with some very sexy scenarios Be sure to read the authors note first as it gives you the meanings of some of the words commonly used at that time period in Elizabethan England which is at the end of the book If you loved the glamour and passion of the Showtime series THE TUDORS but couldn't stand the way all the brightest most spirited female characters met horrible deaths this is the book for you Wonderful Elizabethan Love StoryKrahn knows how to write superb romance and this one is no exception It’s intriguing fast paced and has great depth She describes accurately the Elizabethan age and uses language including uotes from the classics and detailed descriptions to capture the feeling of 16th century England You might want to read the Author’s Note first And she does it all very well even adding her own original poetry for a clever touch I have come to love her novels and uneuivocally recommend this oneThe story tells of young innocent Merrie Straffen an orphan and only recently aware she is the granddaughter of an earl who is now dead She was raised by a kindly couple who taught her the classics and to read in Latin and Greek The old earl’s estate is run by a family of scheming servants and a solicitor who wants to remain in charge of her fortune So they plot to wed her to a man they can be sure will remain in London and leave Merrie to them to control They pick a known rake Gentleman Jack Huntington and offer him 500 pounds a year to wed her consummate the marriage and then hie off to London Before Merrie even meets the man she’s been betrothed to she inadvertently observes him in the act of making love to a married countess In her attempt to avoid a marriage to an adulterer Merrie who is a very talented and beautiful young woman makes herself out to be a complete dolt But Jack is soon on to her and is determined to have her From the start to the finish this is a well told tale that will keep you turning pages It could have been called “When a Rake Woos a Reluctant Lady” for that is the story He’s a handsome rake who loves women and is undone by a young innocent’s brilliance and goodness And she is growing up and becoming an amazing woman at a turbulent time in England’s history Get this one SECRET PLACES A shocking liaison accidentally observed opens floodgates of deception and desire HIDDEN COSTS A rogue's game of passionate betrayal takes an audacious unexpected turn when emotional debts come due SWEET REWARDS In a Tudor England teeming with intrigues and absurdities in a hotbed of scheming scoundrels and bumbling knaves a daring thief of hearts and an innocent yet ingenious young beauty will be undone by the most delectable treachery of all rapturous irresistible love

About the Author: Betina Krahn

Krahn born Betina Maynard is the second daughter of Dors Maynard and Regina Triplett Krahn learned to read at the age of four and began making up her own stories when she was only six In fifth grade she won a silver Noble Order of Bookworms pin for her achievements in reading and the following year she began writing down her storiesKrane was graduated from high school in Newark Ohio and

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