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Motty For millions in Britain John Motson or 'Motty' is the voice of football This title describes how Motty's father instilled in him an early passion for football his formative BBC years the friendly rivalry between him and other talent and the game legends he has met along the way such as the icons Alf Ramsey Brian Clough and Alex Ferguson

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    25 stars

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    ok book but was hoping for of his views on the game

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    Having watched English football and having played EA sports FIFA soccer for many years I wanted to know about the voice behind the microphone Its not as though there isn't excitement but we are talking about a man whose trade craft was to make the action on the field available to those off it It is by nature an exacting busines

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    If you like footy then you'll love Motty I did

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    A dull and disapointing autobiography from the BBC's longest serving football commentator with very little going for it

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