Hot Target Femme Metal #2 MOBI ☆ Femme Metal ePUB

Hot Target Femme Metal #2 I really really liked this one and should round it up from 45 stars Titan and Kim are competitors both weapons dealers to an unsavory clientele When Kim inadvertently steps into Titan's territory things get heated I love that Titan is a bad ass but also a clothes horse and Kim has a bubble gum sensibility to her including pseudo Valleygirl ese yet is not an airhead And I had to smile that they inadvertently color coordinated on their first date Very sexy read Hot Target Nathalie Gray Femme Metal Book Two Five years after their last extraction mission computer hacker and whiz kid Kimberly Holmes has turned the Femme Metal into a floating armory turning her cutting edge designs into actual weapons what she affectionately calls can openers Building her reputation as a legitimate arms dealer hasn't been easy but Kim is stubborn if nothing else When she unknowingly steps on a rival's toes she tries a few of her toys on him as he chases her across the system Some people just can't take a bit of competition In his corner of space Titan Harris is boss judge and executionermostly executioner When something doesn't go his way there's hell to be paid News reaches him some newbie calling herself Ballistic Kim has just nabbed one of his biggest clients and Titan doesn't know what he'll do kill the pesky little thing outright or make an example of her He arranges a business meeting with the full intention of pulverizing her and that ugly ship of hers That's what he tells himself as he rushes to the rendezvous point pumped and ready to break heads Then he meets Ballistic Kim and everything goes south This is an action packed Science Fiction Romance with villain hero and smart sassy heroine It is a lot of fun I didn't really like the hero or the heroine but still enjoyed the book

About the Author: Nathalie Gray

Mother spouse older sister writer ex soldier high school drop out dog owner or dog owned half couch potato half intermittent jogger wannabe renovator and avid reader who watches too much television sinks too much money in clothes likes animals than humans recycles wore braces never downloads copyrighted stuff was a nerd without the grades has a belly laugh that turns heads i

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