Final Sacrifice Magic The Gathering Greensleeves #3 Kindle

Final Sacrifice Magic The Gathering Greensleeves #3 Years of fighting have come and gone but now the last battle must be facedFrom frozen mountains to an ocean drowned forest from war torn battlefields to the flowing crypts of Lat Nam the Archdruid Greensleeves travels with her ragged troops searching for spells to defeat an army of angry wizards and end their reign of terror While Greensleeves uncovers ancient mysteries Gull the Woodcutter fights a fierce battle with a Keldon Warlord who holds the key to an awful secret from the pastWith each fight Greensleeves Gull and their outnumbered army realize that only one last desperate spell can save them all But to unleash it Greensleeves must be willing to make the final sacrificeFinal SacrificeBased on the bestselling Magic The Gathering trading card game So ungodly horrible I cannot describe it I think this was the weakest of the trilogy by farI feel like once again character development conflicts were just tacked on and ignored the growth of the previous books Eg Lily goes back to once again having no agency or confidence for the third time It's like the author couldn't think of any other character facet to use so he just keeps revisiting the same oneThe first half was another giant montage it felt like We had just a gratuitous series of Greensleeves kicking some ass scenes with a sprinkling of hey the evil wizards found a loophole and are plotting It serves to set up the final conflict but not much else so spending half a book on that was a bit muchThe pacing in general was very odd We had that sense of things are going swimmingly but then that just stops We had the sense of urgency when the army is finally ambushed and their forest and sacred grove thing invaded and yetthat just lets up They just repel the attack and are inexplicably given MONTHS of time to regroup?Suddenly we remember there are Hurloon Minotaurs who know everything and can help We have to rush there uicklyand then hurry up and wait for a month It doesn't really serve any purpose to include that delay; I get it in context but I'm saying you could have made those minotaurs into anything there was no precedent in the other books so choosing to make them this trilogy's Entmoot was a bizarre choiceNow we have the location of the collegeback to urgency We have to go there right now and transport the entire army there who have been doing what this entire time?We have a bizarre battle with the Angels and Merfolk finally being introduced to this universe that really didn't need to happen if our heroes weren't utterly incompetent It felt like the author just really wanted to break up a lot of dull exposition with a battle so found a flimsy excuse to make one happenThen it turns out it was all one huge red herring? They just have to have a battle anyway including an I totally called that reveal of the warlord's identityMost of these were RELATIVELY minor and forgivable but the big climactic end wasn'tThe big final sacrifice was to just give up your totally unnecessary restraint using your powers in battle THAT'S IT That's not really a sacrifice so much as a moral epiphany that sometimes the ends can in fact justify the meansSo she goes super saiyan and single handedly wins the war THE ENDIt's just not a satisfying ending I did like finally figuring out the helmet properly and exercising some restraint after making that first justifiable example but otherwisethe ending was a wet fart that didn't live up to what was actually a pretty decent buildup Hell the army refusing to flee to safety was actually emotional than you'd expect from a tie in novel like this It was just in service of a big anticlimaxI was mildly entertained certainly less than the previous two books but I'm now looking forward to leaving this trilogy behind and moving on to something new The fourth Magic the Gathering novel is also the end of a seuence which can be seen as a trilogy or tetrology the first book in the seuence can be seen as a part or not of the seuence as it does have some secondary characters in common with this book As a conclusion to the Greensleeves story it's fine but there are things here which are pretty annoyingI know that Greensleeves and Gull and their friends have been through a lot of crap but does Greensleeves need to spend the whole book constantly crying at any and all opportunity? This is a strong woman a druid with a lot of power controlling whole armies and she is crying in almost every occasion she shows up Tellingly this doesn't happen to her brother Gull or her lover Kwam it's just because she's a woman That's pretty annoyingly misogynistic of Clayton Much of the book is spent in battles which was kind of to be expected this kind of stories always needs to end in bloodshed to clean up all the plot threads which were left dangling in the process However it does get dull at times The ending is satisfying that the rest of the novel even so we are never under any illusions that this is actually a good book This was a fairly satisfying ending to the trilogy I found the twist toward the end to be relatively predictable but it was still a fun read and I was glad that they addressed a specific hole that they had left open since the beginning of the first bookThere were a few small complaints that I had about this Again the author uses elegant variation which is bad form writing wise Additionally there were about three times when scenes changed but there were no visible scene breaks meaning that about halfway down the page the setting and time frame completely changed between one paragraph and the next with absolutely no indication that it was happening which was jarring and confusing Additionally they changed the protagonists' father's name from Brown Bear to Cinnamon Bear for no reason and with no explanation I'm not sure if they released different editions of the old books with the name changed in it or if the author actually forgot what the character was called and none of his editors remembered either or what the deal was but that seemed like an amateur move and it didn't add anything to the story so there's no legitimate reason for it to have been changed on purpose

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