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Fractured Everyone had a reason for everything they did even if that reason was sometimes stupidityA young girl is found brutally murdered A mother who kills the alleged murderer A missing girl A scandalous and gruesome mess It’s going to take one special individual to solve this crime enter Will TrentFractured is a dark and gruesome mysterythriller featuring Will Trent and Faith Martin The second installment of the series introduces Will Trent’s new partner Faith Martin Faith is a smart and dynamic character I loved how she and Will played off each other and I am looking forward to seeing how their working relationship and tentative friendship progress Will has a personal connection to the case in ways than one making him especially vulnerable I enjoyed seeing this side of him Overall Fractured is another great addition to the series The case is dark and embodies many different levels of disgustingness I am always fascinated by the little clues that Slaughter weaves in that fall right over my head and this book was no exception It’s not as good as book one Triptych but still very good Angie's character makes only a few appearances which was fine by me The moments featuring Betty the dog made me smile Onto book 3 Fractured by Karin Slaughter is a 2008 publication This second book in the Will Trent series is a complicated case involving the death of an unpopular girl and the kidnapping of her affluent friend Emma Will finds himself feeling a little off his game when it comes to light that he and Emma’s father have a shared history and Will must work on this case with a partner Faith Williams a woman who holds a grudge against him This crime story is complicated sordid and pretty lurid The police procedural is interwoven into a complex family drama Once the devil is in the details and Will eventually locks all the pieces together to open a Pandora’s box of evil This second installment was not uite as strong as the first but it is still a very absorbing story one that made me cringe on than one occasion I love how the story is cleverly woven together piece by piece connecting everything so seamlessly I also like the attention the author gives to learning disorders and the difficulties those who live with these issues face Will of course is a prime example and his expertise in these matters actually comes in handy I did kind of enjoy Will’s discomfiture at times since he seems so smooth outwardly at least most of the time He is certainly an enigma and hard to figure out I thought Faith really gave him a run for his money and kept him on his toes which is good for himAngie is not prominently featured in this installment and I am curious about the future of her relationship with Will I found the family dramas added a layer of angst to the tense situation as the inevitable blame game began and marital discord became public knowledge It is also a little bit of a character study not so much on one particular person but on a class of people who have become accustomed to having their way controlling situations and making demands Emma’s parents have no control over the investigation but attempt to manipulate it bully the investigators and pull strings thinking they can handle this situation like they do everything else with money power and influence Suffice it say that when all is said and done none of those things will help when dealing with depraved individuals In the end this is a pretty dark and twisted tale and a compelling crime drama 4 stars Will Trent I LOVE THIS GUY My heart goes out to him I want to hug him comfort him heck I want to adopt him Oh yeah and the book was very good as well I'm hooked on Will and this series I really need to write my reviews before starting my next book I get distracted and I forget to come back At the moment I am distracted with book #3 in this series and I love it so farFractured was another fantastic read I found the plot to be just as engaging as I did in book #1 and the characters continue to intrigue me Karin Slaughter writes her characters in such a way that she gives you slivers of their personalities bits and pieces of their pasts and how each character connects to the other and then she twists each of them in a way you might not expect For me it just keeps my imagination ticking I love itOne of the characters that I am finding myself enjoying is Will’s boss Amanda Wagner deputy director of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s She is disliked but respected She is that type of woman who could chew you up and spit you out She is hard and rather rigid I felt anxious when she was around Will She always tested him his strengths and his weaknesses She had the ability to raise him up and the ability to tear him apart But there was no mistaking that she was also his protector We see a different side of Special Agent Will Trent in this one With every layer that is peeled away my heart swells a little He really is an amazing and lovable man He is awkward and a bit socially inept There is something in him that drives his intensity and his craziness He has this sixth sense with his surroundings and the people who cross his path and this continues to piue my curiosity as to who he really is Added to this series is Faith Mitchell who is a cop that ends up being Will’s partner I wonder what will develop between them She is strong willed and not a person to just roll over or walk away from a challenge She doesn’t coddle Will and that is a good thing I look forward to what’s to come with her I don’t want to say much about the plot for fear of giving something away But in Fractured the plot centers on teenagers strained families and pain no parent should be faced with Teenagers are faced fitting in and finding their way Life can be so confusing and one bad choice can be so destructive When the horror hits everyone and everything comes in to uestion Who do you believe and who do you trust? I had my YUCK moments and my EWW moments A lot happens on Peachtree Street Looking forward to of this series and finding out every little bit about this guy Will Trent I was going to end my review without mentioning Angie Polaski but for better or worse she is someone whose is deeply connected to Will I understand why she is part of his life but she doesn’t deserve to be at least any I don’t like her at all Another good read Will is an enigma Not sure what to make of him He is dyslexic socially inept awkward lives with a chihuahua and lives with Angie do not like her But they have a history we shall see what the next story brings “Talk about sloppy secondsWas there such a thing as sloppy thousandths?” Teenagers sex murder the heat of Atlanta good storylineIn the book she is blonde but it is MY reviewWe are introduced to Faith Mitchell a Detective with the Georgia Police Department There is some history there also and sparks fly She wondered what it would have been like to have a son Granted she was an outsider but mothers and sons seemed to have such uncomplicated relationships Boys were easy to read With one glance you could tell whether they were angry or sad or happy They appreciated simple things like pizza and video games and when they fought with their friends it was never for blood or worse for sport You never heard about boys writing slam notes or spreading rumors about each other at school A boy never came home crying because someone called him fat Well maybe he did but his mother could make everything better by stroking his head baking some cookies He would not sulk for weeks over the slightest perceived insult” I have 2 boys myself Often wonder what it would have been like to deal with a teenage girl “His words hung between them and Faith tried to pin down when exactly their relationship had gone from cooly professional to personal There was something so kind about him under his awkward manners and social ineptness Despite her best intentions Faith realised that she could not hate Will Trent” A wonderful fast paced follow up to Triptych Will Trent for presidentAnother too notch thriller by Karen Slaughter Fractured is the second in the Will Trent series and a reread for me I wanted to go back and read all the Grant County series and then do the Will Trent series in order because I read that Will and Sara Linton meet and with together in the third book So I read 8 books to get to Undone which I'm starting tonightYay Book 1 Triptych ★★★★Book 3 GenesisUndone ★► 35 stars Fractured is the scene of an investigation classic than Triptych and I enjoyed this second book slightly less than the first one However it remains a very well written and compelling read still and I love how Karin Slaughter slowly adds layers to her characters first of all Will Trent There's just something so endearing and special in him that contrasts with all the investigators I read about in the past whether it is his struggle to follow social codes or his profound loneliness I don't know but I'm than inclined to learn about him Not to mention that he's just so damn cute with his dog and yes of course that counts I just wish Karin Slaughter would stop using the word slutty though because it makes my head ache Some of the characters hold also very stereotypical opinions when it comes to gender and if I'm aware that it's never meant to be taken at face value but rather as an expression of their prejudiced beliefs it still made me cringe badly TW view spoilerrape graphic violence hide spoiler 35 StarsWill Trent is intriguing highly intelligent soft spoken and a tad vulnerable He’s fair haired trim and wears suits to work as a member of Atlanta’s Georgia Bureau of Investigations In case it’s not obvious he basically sticks out like a sore thumb Now he is called in to investigate a crime that happens in an upscale community where a teenage girl was murdered and her assailant was murdered by the teenager’s mother when she happened upon the crime It seems cut and dry yet Will Trent sees the crime through different eyes than everyone else including the police on the scene“Fractured” is the second novel in the “Will Trent” series with “Tryptich” being the first which I have yet to read It is my second foray into the Will Trent series and is giving me a flavor of the man Will Trent is I am intrigued to know about him including where he came from given how his mind works and how he solved the crimes in this novel Thank you to my local library for a copy of this novel to borrowPublished on Goodreads on 21720 A SEARING EXPLORATION OF A SHOCKING CRIME AND ITS AFTERMATHWith its gracious homes and tree lined streets Ansley Park is one of Atlanta's most desirable neighborhoods But in one gleaming mansion in a teenager's lavish bedroom a girl has been savagely murdered And in the hallway her horrified mother stands amid shattered glass having killed her daughter's attacker with her bare handsDetective Will Trent of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is here only to do a political favor; the murder site belongs to the Atlanta police But Trent soon sees something that the cops are missing something in the trail of blood in a matrix of forensic evidence and in the eyes of the shell shocker mother Within minutes Trent is taking over the case and adding another one to it He is sure that another teenage girl is missing and that a killer is on the looseArmed with only fleeting clues teamed with a female cop who has her own personal reasons for hating him Trent has enemies all around him and a gnawing feeling that this case which started in the best of homes is cutting uick and deep through the ruins of perfect lives broken wide open where human demons emerge with a vengence Originally posted on The Book Nymphouick summaryAbigail Campano comes home and interrupts what appears to be an intruder who's apparently murdered her daughter What transpires next is shocking and extraordinary The Georgia Bureau of Investigations GBI and Agent Will Trent are ultimately called in when the case extends beyond the reach of the Atlanta Police Department APD He's paired with APD Detective Faith Mitchell to coordinate the efforts of the two law enforcement groups and for the additional help What I loved about the storyFaith makes her debut in the story and I loved how her working relationship with Will evolved from nowhere to respect and grudging admiration They made a great team especially given Will's secret dyslexia I'm looking forward to seeing of them as a team The case was extremely intriguing taking some interesting and shocking twists and turns some bordering on the macabre The investigation was solid showing the best of Will and his vulnerabilities His relationship with fiancée Angie is a hot mess and it will be interesting to see where that goes The narrationPhil Gigante one of my favorite narrators provides a really good performance with perfect timing and character distinctions The bottom lineI really loved the odd connections between many of the characters Atlanta is a big city where everyone seems to know everybody's history on some level It's a southern thing that's well represented in the story Slaughter is a master at weaving mystery suspense and police procedurals with outstanding character development and this is a fine representation I can't wait to start the next book

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