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Only One Year I was lucky enough to win this book on goodreads firstreads It was an enlightening book for me on the Chinese custom of sending a young child to his grandparents for a year I thoroughly enjoyed the story of the lives of the 3 children I loved the building of the dollhouse and how creative they were I also thought the illustrations were delightful I am glad I won this book Sharon can hardly believe the news Di Di her two year old brother is being taken to China to spend a year with their grandparents Why can’t he go to day care or be watched by a babysitter when Mama goes back to work Sharon wonders But her parents say it is better for relatives to take care of little childrenAfter Di Di first leaves Sharon and her younger sister Mary pore over the photographs their grandma sends trying to keep their little brother fresh in their minds As the year passes the girls become involved with school friends and hobbies They think of Di Di less often Then one day he is home again and it feels as if a stranger has entered their lives The children struggle to sort out their mixed emotions but soon discover that the bonds among siblings hold strong Good little story for the younger child Will keep it for my grandson to read when ready Sharon who is going into 4th graed and Mary who is going into 1st aren't too keen on the idea of sending their two year old brother Di Di David to China for a whole year to stay with their grandparents There are many relatives to share taking care of him there but a year seems like a long time it's ALL of fourth gradeSharon is embarassed by Di Di's absence and she hides it from her school friends When it comes up she feels weird about it Both girls miss their little brothermaybe they might think of him a little less as the year progresses but they look forward to his return When Nai Nai Grandma brings him back the folowing summera whole new set of issues ariseThis slim volume just perfect for the newly comfortable with chapters set is Cheng doing what she does best presenting immigrant or immigrant descended families in slice of life stories that illumnate our differences while shining a light on our similarities Her characters are nice without seeming overly good the events of day to day life that fit together to tell the tale could all be happening to your neighborsA good book for classrooms studying China there is a short glossary of Chinese words at the back or family relationships or those differences and similarities This was a very interesting book I have heard before that children from Asia do get sent back to their native countries to spend time with their families for periods of time and then come back to their parents In this story Di Di the two year old child gets sent to China to stay with her grandparents The parents do not want to put Di Di in a day care center their culture does not believe in anyone else helping to raise their child except a family member Although this is foreign to the other two sisters in the family they seem to get used to Di Di's absence as school starts When Di Di comes back that is when things start getting tricky and the family has to find a way to be a family again The family does end up getting through this process and are happy in the end It is a beautiful story about a family's love and struggles It also very interesting to read about other people's cultures and what kinds of practices they follow with their own family The story is less a STORY than a child narrated series of events You watch her come to terms with saying goodbye to her brother Sort of forget him Get angry when he returns Reconcile It is all 100% believable which makes sense as this stuff does actually happen all the timeThis is one that I'll be glad to give my kids when they are first starting to read REAL books and I also like the illustrations though I don't think they're terribly special Different from the normal genre I like but still glad to have it Title Only One YearAuthor Andrea ChengPublisher Lee Low BooksSynopsis Sharon and Mary's two year old brother Di Di goes to China to live for a year as per family tradition The book centers around this event and what happens when Di Di comes back Ultimately this is a celebration of family valuesMy Thoughts I thought this was a really cute read Di Di is adorable I think little kids will enjoy this book and learning about why some cultures send very young children abroad for a year It's fascinating This would be a nice edition to any elementary classroom library uick enlightening read I have never thought of having a child of mine go overseas for a year to be raised by family thereand yet I can see why parents make that choice This book is a great insight into that process not only for the parents and little one but for the big sisters too On page 18 Di Di's mom says they won't buy him shoes because she doesn't know what size he is in now I took a minute to process that And his homecomingthe mom has to take a deep breath when Di Di rejects her in favor of his Nai Nai grandmother I was lucky so so so lucky to be home with my children during their early years Sacrifices? Yes but for me totally worth itPage 6 'Di Di is only two We cannot leave him with a stranger ' She swallows hard 'A babysitter is not like Nai Nai For a babysitter Di Di is a job But for Nai Nai he is a grandson' I have to say I know some wonderful babysitters out there but my mind did go through this exact thought process when I thought about my options as a new mother This was a good book to get a look into the way different cultures take care of their families I liked that at the end the author explained why the story was like this for the family and I loved the idea of siblings feeling that close They still showed the challenges of having siblings but it was a genuine love and care that they showed for each other As far as I know there are not many juvenile or adult fiction books written about the practice of sending young children off to stay for a long period of time with extended family so this title would make a good staple addition to any collection It would also work very well in a classroom especially during a unit on family or multiculturalism I read the author's note after I read the book which discusses Cheng's hope that Only One Year will help young readers understand the role different cultures play in raising and caring for families I was not unfamiliar with the topic of this book however I thought Cheng's did a wonderful job at explaining this practice in terms that could be easily understood by young children her readers I would read the author's note first discuss different ways people from different backgroundsculturesplaces raise and love their families and then read Cheng's story As for the story it's good gentle and a realistic depiction of family and sibling life but it's not great stand alone read It needs to be something bigger part of a discussion

About the Author: Andrea Cheng

Andrea Cheng is a Hungarian American children's author and illustrator The child of Hungarian immigrants she was raised in Cincinnati Ohio in an extended family with three generations under one roof Her family spoke Hungarian and English at home After graduating with a BA in English from Cornell University she went to Switzerland where she apprenticed to a bookbinder attended a school of b

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