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Battle for Inspector West Inspector Roger ‘Handsome’ West of Scotland Yard has to deal with a millionaire who is being blackmailed a kidnapped bride who is threatened with the horrors of an international vice racket and an utterly evil gangster from whose clutches no one is safe This is a nightmare battle that he must win I happened upon this by accident and really liked it Published in 1949 so it is totally of its time with euality sexism and modern day issues unknown to the modern reader it could be an alarming read but if you accept that it is a 1940s work it is an easy readlisten Crimes happen the baddie is a criminal who addresses people politely and all of the characters are stereotypes It is of another world and time and though the story stretches one's credulity it is interesting to read about this other world I would definitely read another one in this series Here's the kind of diabolical sociopathic criminal that Roger is up against 'Oh no’ protested Carosi calmly ‘That is not true I get no pleasure out of hurting your friend Fingleton It just does not matter If I could get all I want without it I would not trouble to cause any man or woman pain but sometimes it is the only way But to get pleasure—no I simply do not care' A short uick read that is packed with action and incident It starts with a wedding and finishes up on the London docks as Inspector West tracks a master criminal Creasey knew how to tell a story with economy and a crisp style and while his thumbnail portraits of characters don't have a lot of depth they remain remarkably effective

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