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Coming Out Under Fire Despite the many histories of the fighting men and women in World War II none has been written about the estimated one million homosexuals Here is a dramatic story of these people revealing the history of the anti gay policy pursued by the US military authorities in World War II Two 8 page photo inserts

About the Author: Allan Bérubé

Alan Berube founder of the San Francisco Lesbian and Gay History Project is best known for his 1990 book about homosexual life in the military during World War II

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    This was a fascinating and sometimes heartbreaking and infuriating look at the GLBT men and women who came out while serving in the armed forces during WWII It includes information on being gay on the home front as wellIn the 1940's sodomy was a criminal act in the United States Although there were many people who were openly gay and who were often ignored or tolerated by

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    An extensive and detailed history of the gay and lesbian experience in World War IIAt times it was fairly repetitive and tried to wrap the entire gay and lesbian experience into a single narrative but it was incredibly detailed thoroughly researched and understood the limits of its own research as in there is no way to tell how many gays and lesbians servedWhile it doesn't

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    Groundbreaking study of the American LGBT experience during World War II Drawing on dozens of interviews with veterans Berube shows how traditional gender roles were confused and complicated by mass military service The military officially spurned homosexuality subjecting suspected gay and lesbian enlistees to psychological exams imprisonment and dishonorable discharge Yet th

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    The generation of gay men and women who served in World War II grew into adulthood fighting one war for their country and another to protect themselves from their government's escalating mobilization against themThis is a deeply researched account of primarily the lives of lesbian women and gay men in the US Armed Forces during WWII Bérubé draws on archival research and inte

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    rating 555 This nonfiction history work presents a complex analysis of the intersection of homosexuality and society culture military rules and regulations and soldiers drafted and volunteered alike during World War II It doesn't paint gays and lesbians as victims but delves deep into history to find the battles fought outside of the battlefields; battles between culture and mili

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    35 really A little dry at times but an incredible treasure trove of stories about American gay men and some women all cis almost all white who served and fought during WW2 Particularly enjoyed the image of all the straight guys submitting uestions to medical and psychiatric lecturers during and after the war about what exactly those fellas were getting up to in their bunks

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    In chronicling the range of experiences of gay men and lesbians who served in the US military in WWII Bérubé argues that the military's treatment of homosexuality was a crucial catalyst in the subseuent development of the notion of gays as a political class with rights to fight for and thence for the gay rights movement Prior to the war the military dealt with homosexual acts via c

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    Coming Out Under Fire is a thoroughly fascinating detailed study of a crucial transitional period in American society It's extremely well documented throughout and although the author's style might be considered dry the pages come to life because of the words and lives of the people portrayed Berubé really did a great job of finding and putting together diverse material and the uotes

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    I've been researching a historical fiction novel about ueer men and women in WWII for some time now and from the preface I knew this is the book I was looking for Incredibly broad but detailed in its scope Berube delivers such a meaningful social history At times while reading I felt his voice peeking through the writing above the academic rigour above the research to make a point all hi

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    This is the key text for homosexual experience in WWII and it remains so Berube did a great job of seeking out information from homosexuals and government documents If one spends time seeking out those documents one can appreciate the time and effort necessary for creating this book There is great breadth covered from the role of psychiatrists military leaders the experiences of gays and l

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