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Now Is the Hour Rigby John Klusener is hitchhiking to San Francisco The year is 1967 the town is Pocatello Idaho Fresh out of high school Rigby John is leaving behind his bohemian ex girlfriend his prayerful mother his distant father and the hay dust of his harsh farm town Catholic upbringing As he stands by the side of the road desperately waiting for that one ride out he reflects on the events that brought him there the discovery of love friendship literature and all the small joys that set him free At once a tale of sexual awakening racial enlightenment and personal epiphany Now Is the Hour is the disarming and sweetly winning story of one unforgettable teenager who dares to hope for a different life Mixed reactions here — giving it 3 stars but also stopped reading it with about 200 pages to go The book is described as a teenager on his way to San Francisco but he never does get there He is on the road thinking back to the events of the last couple years In that respect it it a coming out novel — well okay but 500 pages of that? I wanted to see progress in the character development in life experience When he starts his first affair still at home with a man twice his age a damaged man with substance abuse issues my interest ground to a halt And this memory kept nagging at me having started this book back in the day and being so bored when he starts his affair Perhaps a groundbreaking novel in its day but since surpassed by any number of beautiful little honest YA books covering the same terrain 25 stars with the caveat that I never got through it 3 stars for first 300 pages ❤️ Rigby John endures a lot on his family's Idaho farm his mother's mood swings and Catholic obsessions his father's stoic silences and anger and the exhausting repetition of labors occasionally broken by emerging '60s pop songs His self uestioning nature though helps him find escape with his 'girlfriend' Billie and his budding sexuality blossoms with the help of a few farmhands who change his life Spanbauer employs poetic repetition like mantras; cigarettes dinners hay stacking and driving all take on an almost spiritual aspect Several things happen with dramatic and violent results but the tone of the book is woven into explaining why he's hitchhiking to San Francisco to escape all the pain of rural life Because he's 'differnt'I didn't care for the artistic decision to not use uotation marks for dialogue but I endured it for the overall beauty of the prose and compelling story I love Tom Spanbauer I love his writing the poetry of his voice the pace and unfolding of his craft I read this book slowly because I knew from the first pages that I'd be tempted to speed through it only to find myself saddened by its completion But today finally after months of withholding and rationing I closed the book took a deep breath and let it sink in This is a book that is close to my heart It's a story of self discovery in Pocatello Idaho my hometown Much of it takes place in locations I am intimately familiar with Despite my knowledge of the town and the people and the way of life in that small corner of the world it is accessible to everyone It's about growth and struggle magic poetry and above all else love Spanbauer's voice written as his protagonist Rigby John Kluesner is poetic and straightforward beautiful and elegant His description of Idaho and its people is remarkably accurate and painfully truthful This is a story of hope and salvation against all odds A true coming of age tale that should not be missed If you enjoyed THE MAN WHO FELL IN LOVE WITH THE MOON NOW IS THE HOUR will take you to new heights Do not turn your back on this book Absolutely stunning lyrical literary masterpiece I am always impressed with how frank Tom Spanbauer is in his writing He doesn't cut the corners when it comes to all the things those rigid Victorians pretended didn't exist about the human body bowel movements burps sex and sweat I find it really refreshing how wiling he is to build in all these human things into his books If you don't like reading about those things then don't read this bookSpanbaeur created some key phrases that were repeated in the story like a chorus for a song I found it charming and understood the lyricism of it but I also found myself skipping these repeated phrases and paragraphs You can breeze through the story much uickly that way Over all solid work Tom The way Spanbauer writes is almost lyrical beautiful His story immediately drew me in from Parmesan cheese to the end he started with Parmesan cheese what can I say? It was kind of the classic coming of age uestioning everything type of story but the uniue writing style and narrator's honesty made me glide along with anticipation I'm not great with the reviews but I will say that I felt this calm after I finished reading Now Is the Hour and I wanted to meet Rigby John the main character as an older man to find out what happened in the next chapter of his life Original review August 31 2009I'm not going to lie this book took a solid 100 pages to really get into But once I was in I was IN All the way I cried to have to turn the last page It's like a cross between Steinbeck and Kerouac with some SE Hinton thrown in for good measure a YA version of East of EdenThe setting rural Idaho in the late 1960s seemed pitch perfect the character was believable and engaging once we got over our initial hump and the emotional development was well done I'm always a sucker for a Bildungsroman Rigby's relationships are the heart of the book with Billie with George with his mother The ending is a little to happily ever after for real life but by then I loved the characters so much that I would have been heartbroken had it turned out any other wayA book well worth the effort I think Unless you take issue with male genitalia Cck and balls are two essential and oft described supporting charactersReread review August 1 2011I didn’t remember all the details of the story but I did remember very clearly how emotionally invested I was So when I set out to reread Now is the Hour I was disappointedat first I remember crying over the ending the first time around and yet couldn’t seem to relate to any of the characters UntilUntil George Serano makes his “real” appearance in the book technically his third appearance when he comes to work the farm What I realize now is not that I loved the book though it was well stylized and coherently written that I loved so much as the relationship between Rigby and George I love Rigby and George And Grannie ueep The last 100 pages of the book are far and away the best part From now on when I might just stick to rereading those last pages when I get a hankering for complicated relationships I remember I kept complaining about this book while I was reading it but now I don't remember what the problem was Something about the prose being cheesy? Repetitive? Predictable? What was it? But now I only have good memories of the book it totally swept me up and I wanted to read it all the time That is what I want in a novel Also it was hella gay which is always a plus I think it probably made me cry

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