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Ragnarok Star Trek Voyager #3 The alien species were interesting but a little one note The Voyager crew is not exactly normal The author does a fine job of crafting them interestingly but there were certain affectations that seemed out of place There were also a few times when the cohesiveness fell apart an alien species which only speaks in imperatives and never in uestionsexcept that one time they ask a uestion and other small problems which take you out of the story a bit Overall it was a good readPotential SpoilerThe ending was sort of anti climactic but I liked that Voyager was not able to converse these people out of their multi century war Die Voyager gerät unter BeschussSeit Jahrhunderten führen die Zivilisationen der Hachai und P'nir einen erbitterten Krieg Die Voyager gerät mitten in das Schlachtfeld als sie einer seltsamen Energieemission folgt Captain Janeway versucht erfolglos zwischen den verfeindeten Völkern zu vermitteln Um die Voyager und ihre Crew zu retten bleibt ihr am Ende nur ein Ausweg Sie muss den Kampf gegen beide Völker aufnehmen Another book with a woman on the cover this time Captain Janeway It was nice to spend some time with my old friends again even if it was back in the early days of Voyager when Harry Kim was green and Tom Paris was a punk and the Doctor was viewed as a computer This had an interesting plot involving a never ending war between two alien races and the temptation in the middle of the battle which may be able to get Voyager home Lots of insight into war strategy and weapons technology My main uibble was the near constant use of the definite article in discussing Voyager any true Trekker knows that Voyager is not merely a ship she is a character and therefore should not be referred to as the Voyager With a paper thin plot a completely unnecessary call back to Trek history characters acting in inconsistent ways and one terrible decision by Janeway Ragnarok has no hope of being entertaining or engaging When Voyager is scanned Janeway decides to seek out the source That leads the ship to a war zone a sector of space Neelix begs the captain to avoid She doesn'tAnd when the ship comes into contact with the aliens at war with one another she makes a decision which puts four lives in jeopardy not to mention the ship and which violates the Prime Directive Since it is a spoiler that's all I will say on itThe characters they're versions of their early season 1 selves without any nuance depth or evolution we'd see even by season 2 The narrative rehashes things we know Paris's backstory B'Elanna and Carey Harry and B'Elanna's relationship the Caretaker etc There's nothing really new here The character who arguably comes out the best is Harryand that's debatable since the novel continues to tell us how unsure he is of himself And there's incessant whining from everyone about getting homesomething else the series left behind fairly early in its run This Voyager book is about the crew seeing something that resembles the caretaker so they go in that direction despite warnings This one is mostly about Janeway Chakotay Neelix with a little bit about Kim and only some short parts with the rest of the crewI don't think this author got the crews personalities down pat but he did an amazing job showing how the crew must have 'gotten along' right at first when the Mauis didn't know what to think of the Voyager crew and visa versa I love the little snarky remarks and how you can really feel the ambivalent relationships There were two extra crewmen that added to the story I think that is were some other Voyager books lacked needed supporting roles It was also atmospheric and I caught myself getting a little scared or worried for certain charactersI know others didn't like Neelix in this one but I felt that he was actually true to character during this early on in the season Overall I enjoyed it and would recommend it I do think that 3 stars is low for this book I think even though it isn't the best it was a fun fast paced read with some details about star fleet and the characters that made since and were nice to knowAnd I can't forget the aliens were interesting and fun To me book 3's characters felt a little accurate and authentic than in book 2 The Escape Not perfect by any means but closer to what we've come to know Keeping in mind that this book was written in just 1995 it makes sense that the author didn't have the full scale of knowledge we do now about the depth of charactersThat said there was one major flaw that I felt was hard to overlook Janeway The way that she got them into the middle of the war was really out of character She would never have taken that kind of risk with such a little plan The author could have found a way to get Voyager involved in some other fashion and then the rest of the story would have been fine I also found it really annoying that the ship was constantly referred to as the Voyager I don't remember at any point it being talked about like that In the end I still busted through it uickly and it was enjoyable I wouldn't recommend it to anyone not into Star Trek but if Voyager has a soft spot in your heart then yeah you'll still have fun with it After enjoying the escape I decided to go straight to the next novel in the series I miss the TV show dearly and love how easy it is to imagine the scenes played out in this book The words used in the book are not difficult to read or decipher which make it the perfect book to read before sleep or after a tiring dayI enjoyed the storyline and was continuingly intrigued to find out what would happen between the two races in uestion After the initial set up of the plot things get very suspenseful I enjoyed the action elements and the fast paced nature of these encounters The book became a lot enjoyable once the main storyline was underway This book was definitely better than The Escape and I fully recommend it to Star Trek Voyager fans Well I haven't read a ton of Voyager novels at this point but I am glad I found one that I really enjoyed This novel read easily for me The Escape was such a drag to get through and every page seemed to be difficult to turn but this one was very enjoyable I liked premise and them getting stuck in it was due to a poor decision by Janeway who doesn't always make bad choices but she does make them which is a great part of her character Overall it was a fun read and I liked the ending Dear Nathan Archer of 1995 have you even watched a Star Trek Voyager episode If you have did you even pay any attention to the charactersNever mind don't answer I can answer for you NO This book might have been okay about some random crew I don't know but Captain Janeway in a ship thrown across the galaxy to the Delta uadrant alone with no Star Fleet backup would NOT wade into a war that has been going on for hundred of years and that has caused the destruction of every planet in the sector in hopes of negotiating peace Nope nope nope Not going to happenArcher could have had Voyager accidentally pulled into the war while investigating a Caretaker like communication But no the author had to have the Voyager crew deliberately put themselves in harm's way I didn't buy the plot for one single second Also a matriarchal insect like alien race againNot sure why I keep reading Star Trek novels I guess because I love the characters so much I want time with them This book was thoroughly disappointing Blog liked it Took me about 5 days to read it Nearly typed years then P I wasn’t in a rush don’t get me wrong the book sucks you in As soon as the action starts that’s it your in the action for the rest of the book Now bare in mind the books are done by different authors so this does affect the style and some other things The author of the 2nd installment didn’t really explain things or people too much Where as with this book the 3rd the author explains uite a bit and uses the 1st book’s scenes as backing it doesn’t use anything from the 2nd voyager novel 2nd and 3rd came out 2 months apart which would explain the lack of mentions of the 2nd bookMay contain some spoilers and hints of the inner storyIt was done very intelligently and logical It wasn’t pew pew pew for the sake sake of pew I did guess how it played out very early on in the book It very arrogant to think you could just step into a 600 years of war and bring peace It wasn’t lets spend years building a relationship and reputation to attempt to make peace of an instant peace The only way possible for that kind of peace in a short period of time would be to become a new threat a new enemy they could team up to defeat 600 years of war will only make a culture based on war So you would have to respond with a war like strategy Something Janeway or hell even Tuvok should have logically thought about Pew Sorry just like how that sounds But yeah the way it all plays out is very logical it not magical bullshit It all explained or based in logic Which is why the Star Trek books are always a good readWould I recommend it Yes Even if you’ve not watched the series or read the other books it is a good book You don’t need to understand the world it based on to enjoy the book It a good story within itself as a solo book

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