The Berenstain Bears and the Real Easter Eggs First Time

The Berenstain Bears and the Real Easter Eggs First Time BooksR Oh I want to eat chocolate The fairly recent Berenstain Bear books are not very much like the Berenstain Bear books that I read as I was growing up And that is too bad This one is a recent book The moral is about as subtle as a falling anvil and almost all the fun and humor are missing Actual rating 25 stars but I'll round up for nostalgic value This beloved story is perfect for Easter and a great way to teach children about the beauty of nature and all the wonders it holdsCome for a visit in Bear Country with this classic First Time BookR from Stan and Jan Berenstain Join Brother and Sister as they go on the Giant Beartown Easter Egg Hunt The cubs are trying to collect the most Easter eggs but it's the true meaning of the holiday that they find Includes over 50 bonus stickers Basically it's about Sister Bear understanding what holidays are about instead of being concerned about what you get In this case the Berenstains tie Easter into the concepts of spring rebirth and new life It's on the wordy side tiring to read aloud but at some point a child might enjoy reading it on their own I couldn't believe this started out on Valentine's Day I did not want to be jolted back to that holiday This is about Easter in April it shouldn't even mention anything that happened in February much less another holiday It takes attention away from it Sister counted her valentines and Brother knew she had 24 cubs in her class and she only got 23 cards but he didn't say anything I guess he meant 24 other cubs not including her But I didn't understand why it was even written that she was missing one and since he didn't explain I didn't get why it was brought up even so Sister made a comment about wishing every day was a holiday so she could get stuff and of course Mama the taskmaster was there and jumped on it She asked if holidays only meant getting stuff to her Sister listed food on Thanksgiving presents on Christmas and valentines on Valentine's Day which of course is wrong but just realistic for kids because that's how the holidays are presented to them Mama explained that Thanksgiving is about thankfulness Christmas is good will and peace and Valentine's is love and friendship Sister didn't even stuck around to hear their lesson because she headed off to the kitchen to check the calendar for the next bit holiday I could relate to that being a kid who wanted to know when they'd be getting out of school again So they shouldn't be too hard on her but she did need to know the true meaning of the holidays at least enough to grasp why the holiday isThey used the line that jellybeans and chocolate bunnies danced in her head It felt like the Night Before Christmas I don't like when phrasing is ripped off from other authors when you could easily make up your own wordingThen I found myself reading about winter and snow and it took another sharp turn I wondered when Easter would actually enter the Easter book They were going on about springtime things crocuses peeping through the softening earth What kid wouldn't be interested in that? They'd be asking what a crocus is I couldn't understand why I was reading what I was reading Mama was going on about crocus bulbs coming up Then it was on to the forsythia They could have at least picked some child friendly easy to pronounce flowersSister didn't see the comparison of blooming flowers and candy Papa got all excited until Brother pointed out it's just for cubs Mama was disappointed in all of them Even her husband has to be taken to task Surprisingly she didn't say anything to them and then it was the big egg hunt That would have been the time to say somethingI wondered how they were going to wrap it up because it was nearing the end and hardly anything had to do with Easter and they hadn't learned their big lesson yetDuring the hunt Sister found a nest of bird eggs and they realized these were the real Easter eggs Kind of strange And unexpected I saw it on the cover but didn't think much about it and wouldn't have thought that the bird eggs were the real eggs The eggs hatched right at that moment They missed the rest of the hunt and won the small prizes while their friends got the big stuff But it was okay because they would end up with stomachaches from eating it all uickly Nice thought to have about someone It's like yeah you won but you're only going to suffer later so I'm not jealous Nice lesson thereIt ended with Brother and Sister never forgetting those eggs hatching and learning that Easter is about new life Not the Easter story I expected or wanted I thought it was a fail for Easter And I thought it was pretty bad that they focused on this new life theme and flowers growing when that's not really the reason for Easter No religion to it just nature and that isn't really a good enough lesson Cute Easter book that focus on the concept of Easter representing new life but leaves out the religious part 41220 age 7 The story is about two cubs and their father who think Easter is all about candy It was OK I liked that they think it's all about candy because I like candy I did not like that they think it's all about candy because it is notWords that describe this book educational fine It was educational because it teaches the real meaning of EasterI would recommend this book to people who like Easter and candy The first in The Berenstain Bears series that I read and it was so cute I really enjoyed reading about the true meaning of observing certain holidays especially as told in the story Easter which takes place during spring time and the bear cubs learned the lesson about new life thriving This starts out at Valentines and covers winter activities like sledding building forts and making snow angels We have to wait until Easter arrivesWhen talking of all the Valentines she got it mentioned SWAKs and I didn’t know what SWAKs were I've never heard of that Too much of the story was about winter and then spring It actually started to feel like a spring book the way Mama was going on about plants I found her annoying the way Sister clearly had something to tell her and she’s going on about flowers growing She seemed irritated with Papa for being so excited at the Easter egg hunt but then she’s disappointed when she finds out it’s only for adultsThe humorous bits were when Bother and Papa came rushing around the house; they looked pretty comical And when Papa was really excited about the egg hunt and then is disappointed it’s only for cubsThe story felt lacking and rushed with the message not being totally clearI felt there could be a background on Easter how it’s about new life and that the baby birds represented Easter than the Easter egg hunt Being that Mama was trying to tell Sister that holidays aren’t all about getting things I expected her to give a lesson at the end too But the parents didn’t even know the cubs found the birds and that they learned on their own the meaning of Easter It seemed a wasteAnd it wasn't that they learned the true meaning of spring really it's just that they became captivated by the baby birds Because they weren't told that spring represents new lifeWe have to suspend reality a bit that all birds hatched that uickly and all at the same timeLessons are great but I find Mama exhausting the way she’s always knowledgeable and trying to impart some lesson Sometimes I just want a book to be about the subject matter This would have been enjoyable if it was just a good old fashioned Easter egg hunt This didn’t have the Easter feel I was looking for and didn’t celebrate the holiday to me Perhaps Easter is a time for new life to some people but for the majority it’s about Jesus or Easter egg hunts and dyeing eggs and getting candy Not sure this series goes into religion though I wish it had been about either of those things or just about the egg hunt itself This beloved story is a perfect way to teach children about the beauty of nature and all the wonders it holdsBeautiful seriesIt always teaches you somethingMust be given by all parents to their kids

About the Author: Stan Berenstain

Jan Berenstain often called The Berenstains were American writers and illustrators best known for creating the children's book series the Berenstain Bears Their son Mike joined them as a creative team in the late 1980s

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