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Stone's Fall At his London home John Stone falls out of a window to his death A financier and arms dealer Stone was a man so wealthy that he was able to manipulate markets industries and indeed entire countries and continents Did he jump was he pushed or was it merely a tragic accident His alluring and enigmatic widow hires a young crime reporter to investigate The story moves backward in time—from London in 1909 to Paris in 1890 and finally to Venice in 1867—and the attempts to uncover the truth play out against the backdrop of the evolution of high stakes international finance Europe’s first great age of espionage and the start of the twentieth century’s arms race Stone’s Fall is a tale of love and frailty as much as it is of high finance and skulduggery The mixture then as now is an often fatal combination

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    Well all you Iain Pears fans can relax he's written a terrific book again I say this as an Iain Pears fan who had to throw The Dream of Scipio against the wall with great forceAs in An Instance of the Fingerpost Pears uses multiple narrators to tell the story of fi

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    The central uestion in Stone’s Fall is fairly simple How and why did the powerful and extremely wealthy industrialist John Stone fall to his death from an opened window of his London home?To find the answer to that uestion the intriguing but rather slow moving story i

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    This is a very long novel I'd guess nearly 300000 words and as the official blurb says it is ingenious and intricately plotted But I think it could have been just as ingenious and intricate at about half the length I was hoping it would be as good as An Instance of the Finge

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    A uite decent historical thriller with lots of twists and turns plot devices galore red herrings political machinations high finances boys own spying adventures romance betrayal industrial espionage the entente cordiale naval warfare anarchism and the evil that people do It is we

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    This novel got steadily better as I read it it's shaped like a Klein bottle The first section which takes place in London in 1910 is worth three stars A journalist is hired by a mysterious wealthy widow to help resolve the will of her husband John Stone who died by falling out a windo

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    Solid four star read Really and trulyI hesitate to use the word Dickensian because I was never a Dickens fan but that's the word that comes to mind for me and I do mean it in a positive way A long twisty narrative full of larger than life characters who are intertwined in all sorts of unex

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    Goddammit this is twice now that Iain Pears has done this to me I get maybe a uarter to a third of the way into his book and start thinking This is ok but I'm starting to lose interest I'm not sure if I want to read much of this story But then it turns out the story isn't what you think it is

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    45 stars I really enjoyed this book my first by Iain Pears I love his humor and that he writes with depth Don't plan to fly through this one It takes patience and I found myself having to reread parts or just wanting to reread to get a better flavor for the story or to laugh again at a funny line I

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    The central uestion is simple How and why did the wealthy and powerful industrialist John Stone come to fall to his death from the window of his London home? The answer is anything butFirst there is a prologue set in Paris in 1953 Two men meet after a funeral It is short and simple but it sets the tone b

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    This book was really hard for me to stick with It's told in a way that is mostly back story and I found myself thinking can we please just get to the point Unfortunately the point does not come until the end but it will shock you I found myself exclaiming oh my godThe story is centered around the life of John

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