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Desperate Measures A true beauty A story of love loss and family I thoroughly enjoyed this and I'd definitely recommend it Vicky and Rhianna are twins but they couldn’t be different For their fourteenth birthday Vicky wants a card from the hottest boy in school Rhianna brain damaged at birth wants a Furby Instead they get a nasty shock – their foster parents can’t cope and it looks as if Vicky and Rhianna and their younger brother Jamie will have to be split up How can they stay together? Desperate times call for desperate measures Exciting fast moving and deeply affecting this innovative story is Laura Summers’ first novelThis book was very different from my usual reading list and i was actually drawn in by the cover Not by the blurb or whatnot Anyway i am so glad that i read this It will stay with me forever because it is amazing It goes over the main aspect of life situation that uite often children are put inI found it very touching especially the fact that Re is brain damaged But i also loved the adventure which was fantastic The story was well written and the plot is good to read but not originalA touching story of brotherly love and desperate measuresI read this a couple of weeks ago as the review was hard to write I suppose recently i have had a lack words in my head I'm even having trouble with my novel but Summers clearly doesn't have any problems because the book was a touching story of brotherly love and desperate measures I like the perspective of the two sisters and would have loved maybe some chapters from jamies view but hey I think Summers has done a fantastic job on Re as it must be hard to write as a brain damaged girlI think this book is also made to bring awareness to disability and i hope many will read this Desperate time call for desperate measuresRating 55 It was my first teen book And also it was authors first novel she had written many television shows for kids She observed that there were very few characters with learning disabilities in childrens book and the reality that one of her own children is disabled Thw story is about two girls whi are twins Rhianna is brain damaged at birth and Vicky is the one who take care of her sister after her mother's death On their fourteenth birthday they get a nasty shock Their foster parents can't cope and it looks as if Vicky and Rhianna and their younger brother Jamie will have to be split up Its a wonderful and emotional journey of a family finding their ways to live together Vicky and Rhianna’s engaging dual perspective narration offers a refreshing view of people with disabilities readers will most definitely hang on to find out what happens in the credible journey Its a uick read The book is about three siblings Vicky Rhianna Re and Jamie who lives with a pair of really nice foster parents Their mother is dead and their dad is in jail but only Vicky knows that It stars at the birthday of Vicky and Rhianna who are twins Here you find out about how different the two girls are since Re is seriously disabled The beginning is not too long the same day the kids are being told that their foster parents can't have them right now and they have to be splitted up for a while Re must go to a special school and Vicky and Jamie will be put in different families They decide to run away to avoid being seperatedThe story is told from two POV's Vicky's and Re That does a lot for the story If it was only told by Vicky you would soon find Re very annoying and dumb because she's not like other kids The fact that half of the story were told from her POV means that you come to like her as well But it couldn't be told by her alone since Re sees the world a lot differently and doesn't understand a lot of things The twins as narrators was a perfect mixIn the beginning Vicky seemed a bit superficial to me but you can't blame her she's a 14 year old girl And later she showed lots of responsibility I didn't like her in the beginning but during the book i came to It's really hard for her to take care of her younger siblings Re can be a burden and Jamie can't control his temper at all and is pretty impulsive definitely not an easy kid Re is really cute The way she sees the world is interesting and I love the part where she finally understands what death is and talks about the soul of her mother and a rabbit she foundYou get to know the two main characters a lot but i don't think Summers is doing such a great job with the others Vickys friend Rosie was really annoying She was too much of a stereotype seriously no one talks like that Also Daniel His story seemed so interesting why didn't we get to know him better?A light book I think even though its a serious topic about a troubled family Or maybe I just read it too fast Title Desperate MeasuresAuthor Laura SummersGenre Award Winning AuthorVicky and Rhianna were twins who were completely different in every way They lost both of their parents and were fostered by a loving family who had wanted a child for a very long time but couldn't have one However their foster parents cannot care for them any and they have to find a family that would keep all three of them or they'd be split up forever They had to make a very big decision to run away to be split up This could have been the most important decision they'd make in their life They decide to stay together and go through many adventures together as they try to find one of their distant relatives and go and live with them but to their surprise they find some strangers living in her house They had nowhere to live and managed to barely survive using all their strength Vicky had spent her life caring for her sister and younger brother and finds out that she also needs caring for when Rhianna saves her lifeThis book is very moving as it shows the perspective of two completely different girl one disabled and one who isn't Desperate measures will take you on a journey with the characters which you will enjoy thoroughly and it will get you mind to think in the same way that both characters do as well as let you know how different people think It is an interesting and intriguing book which will open your eyes to a different experience with Jamie Vicky and Rhianna Laura Summers brings the subject of disability to the forefront in her critically acclaimed debut novel Desperate Measures Told from the perspectives of twins Vicky and Rihanna the story takes us on a journey across the UK and to a place where both girls along with their brother Jamie finally feel at homeVicky and Rihanna are very well written with both girls dealing with Rihanna's disability in different ways Vicky is her primary carer and has responsibility than she should She's loyal to her sister and is willing to put her own life on hold to help her Rihanna is innocent and young for her age and often doesn't understand simple concepts such as death It's hard work for the children and the lack of a stable home life makes things even difficultAlthough the characterisation and topics explored are hard to find fault with I did have some trouble with the plot I found it fairly hard to believe that three children would be able to run away and get as far as they did with hardly any money or supplies I thought the people they encountered would have used common sense and alerted the police of their whereabouts rather than send them on their merry way with some advice and well wishesI can see why Desperate Measures has been so highly regarded as it really will make teenagers think about disability and what it's like for the families involved I'm looking forward to seeing what Summers writes next and I'm sure she has a long and successful career ahead of her Vicky has looked out for her twin sister as long as she can remember; Rhianna was deprived of oxygen at birth affecting her mental development negatively Despite this setback the family was happy until tragedy struck Vicky Rhianna and Jamie’s mother passes away from cancer and their father finds himself unable to care for his children The three kids stay at children’s homes for awhile and then are placed in a foster home—a good one Just as Vicky feels like life is slightly stable their foster parents suffer their own tragedy and the kids are shuffled out again So they decide to run away and find their old forgotten great aunt By switching back and forth between Vicky and Rihanna’s perspective of events Summer crafts a wonderful story about family bonds Eually riveting is the description of different characters interacting with Rihanna and her siblings’ reactions Summer also paints a picture of the foster care system in the United Kingdom which isn’t entirely depressing—the foster parents are very kind and the caseworker only seems mean Only thirteen years old Vicky juggles her grief at the loss of her mother her sister’s handicap her little brother’s anger and her father’s secret whereabouts that she keeps from her siblings Poignant themes and issues thinly veiled by the easily readable writing and uotidian conversations in the book allow even middle readers to grasp the action of the story Summer gives voice to the voiceless in this excellent narrative Highly recommended for public and school libraries Vicky and Rhianna are twins but they couldn’t be different For their fourteenth birthday Vicky wants a card from the hottest boy in school Rhianna brain damaged at birth wants a Furby Instead they get a nasty shock – their foster parents can’t cope and it looks as if Vicky and Rhianna and their younger brother Jamie will have to be split up How can they stay together Desperate times call for desperate measures Exciting fast moving and deeply affecting this innovative story is Laura Summers’ first novel When their foster parents are unable to continue to care for them three siblings embark on a journey to the home of their elderly aunt rather than be separated As often happens on these sorts of adventures they find help in unexpected places and from the most unlikely individuals as well as bullies and cruelty The story is told from alternating viewpoints from Vicky and Rhianna 13 year old twins which affords the reader very different perspectives on the elements of the story Vicky often feels responsible for the care of Rhianna and their younger brother Jamie since Rhianna has a learning disability and struggles with understanding the passage of time and death But in the end Rhianna has strengths of her own and together these three are stronger than when they are separated I particularly liked the folks they meet along the way including Elizabeth who lost her own brother long ago and Daniel who must face demons of his own at school This is a well written book that reminds readers that the bonds of family can surmont difficulties and disagreements The ending with the children's father being reunited with them provides a hopeful ending for this family that has endured so much I have just read this book for the second time I wasn't sure if it was one I had already read but after one page it all came flooding back After reading that first page though I could not just stop remembering the story I really wanted to read it againI read this in the space of 24 hours but to be fair I am probably 14 years older than the target audience Nevertheless I really enjoyed it even though I already knew what was comingI enjoy the way that this is written from the points of view of twin sisters who experience things in different ways They pass to each other when a new chapter starts and there is no confusion anyway in the way that it is written but if you were to get muddled up the alternating fonts helpsI wish I had found this author when I was younger but I am glad that I was still able to enjoy her book at the age I am now

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