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Uniform Justice Commissario Brunetti #12 Further evidence that Donna Leon is a mystery writing goddess Brunetti's team investigates the apparent suicide of a teen at a military academy Brunetti and Pucetti agree someone made it look like suicide Their suspicions seem founded in light of the many things happening to the cadet's family over the last couple of years The boy's father uickly resigned his legislative seat and separated from his wife following an accident in which his wife was shot He investigated and presumably wrote a report divulging irregularities in military procurements Italian corruption is a freuent theme in Leon's work and this novel provides plenty to continue that theme view spoilerThe title seems ironic in that justice is not served hide spoiler A riveting pitch perfect murder mystery—the work of a truly masterful storyteller Conjuring contemporary Venice in exuisite and alluring detail this is widely hailed as the finest installment yet of the Commissario Guido Brunetti seriesFor over a decade Donna Leon has topped European bestseller lists and captivated fans throughout the world with her series of mysteries featuring the shrewd charismatic Commissario Guido Brunetti Guiding us through contemporary Venice's dark undercurrents of personal politics corruption and intrigue Donna Leon's is crime writing of the highest order powerful relevant and too full of human failings The GuardianThis time Commissario Brunetti faces an unsettling case that because he is the father of a young son hits him especially close to home The body of a student has been found hanged in Venice's elite highly cloistered military academy The young man is the son of a doctor and former politician a member of Parliament who had an impeccable integrity all too rare in Italian politics Dr Moro is clearly devastated by his son's death but while both he and his apparently estranged wife seem convinced that the boy's death could not have been suicide neither appears eager to help in the investigation of the mysterious circumstances in which he died Bolstered by the help the elegant and crafty Signorina Elettra and the cooking and sympathetic ear of his wife Paola Commissario Brunetti sets off on an investigation that gets him caught up in the strange and stormy politics of his country's powerful eliteWhen Brunetti plunges into Dr Moro's political career and the circumstances of the doctor's estrangement from his wife he discovers unsettling details How to explain the mysterious hunting accident in which Signora Moro was involved and the fact that her marriage crumbled so soon after As he investigates Brunetti is faced with a wall of silence because the military who protects its own and civilians even at the cost of their lives are unwilling to talk Is this the natural reluctance of Italians to involve themselves with the authorities or is Brunetti facing something altogether darker Uniform Justice the 12th book about Guido Brunetti is a riveting pitch perfect murder mystery—the work of a truly masterful storyteller Conjuring contemporary Venice in exuisite and alluring detail Donna Leon offers what has been widely hailed as the finest installment yet of the Commissario Guido Brunetti series This one was deeper than the average Brunetti It had a lot of politico slant most of which I disagree with from at least a partial all the way to a fully opposite degree But regardless the interpretation of conseuence for the appearance OR for the reality of a committed murder was superb And also in outcome completely Italian Not only in logic but in the processCorruption reigns And stats put into category of complete opposition to the reality of truth in occurrences Brunetti is as duplicitous as the system that causes him to sigh Is he not? A military school closes ranks when it is found that one of their own is hanging in the restroom They assume that the case will soon be judged a suicide but Commissario Brunetti isn't sure that that is the correct conclusion Slowly he digs through the layers of lies half truths and the things people turn an eye to and finds himself wondering what is the world and Italy coming toA driving compelling story that fortunately I was able to read in nearly one sitting because to do otherwise was not an option I've been uite happily plowing through Donna Leon's series featuring Commissario Guido Brunetti enjoying his relationships with his family and his colleagues at the uestura and especially enjoying all the descriptions of the food and wine consumed by the Brunetti family But all of those pleasantries cannot completely disguise the fact that this is a very dark seriesThe title of this twelfth entry Uniform Justice could be read in different ways The uniform might refer to the military which in this story comes in for a bollocking by the author Or it might be read as ironic There is no such thing as uniform justice; there is justice for the rich and a much less salubrious justice for the poor However you read it or interpret it it is a thoroughly depressing view of Venetian society and taken in a larger sense Western society as a wholeThis book begins with Commissario Brunetti being called to investigate the death of a cadet at an elite Venetian military school The young man was found hanging in the bathroom of his dormitory The scene gives every appearance of having been a suicide but Brunetti is naturally suspicious and keeps an open mind on the subjectWhen he learns who the victim was he becomes suspicious for he was the son of a doctor and former politician of impeccable integrity a rarity in Venetian politics The doctor had authored a critical report about military procurement practices and shortly thereafter his wife had been accidentally shot in the leg in an area where there was hunting taking place Brunetti learns that there was also an accident involving the doctor's mother who was hit by a car The driver fled the scene and she was not too seriously injured But now the family faces the tragedy of a son's deathAs Brunetti attempts to investigate the death he is met by a wall of silence from the family and from the military school None of the boys at the school will admit to having been friends with the victim or even knowing him very well and of course no one has any idea what happened to him Moreover the authorities at the school seem particularly reluctant to provide cooperation or information And the family who should be crying for justice are suspiciously uiet Is this some kind of conspiracy perhaps related to a coverup of the dodgy military procurement practices the doctor had documented? Will Brunetti ever be able to find a way to break the code of silence and bring justice to the victim?Spoiler alert the answer to that last uestion is a resounding NoLeon has a very low opinion of the Italian military and the government and she gives free rein to her detestation of those institutions here Justice seems a concept that is foreign to both entities I can understand her feelings in the matter but her expression of those opinions here comes at the expense of plot development and at the expense of those loving descriptions of homely meals in the Brunetti dining room As a result the book just left me depressed and unsatisfied The saddest ending and the most ironic titleRe reading in the age of TrumpHe turned and looked across the still waters at the disorderly domes of San Marco and the piebald walls of Palazzo Ducale and thought of the peace their beauty brought him How strange it was nothing than the arrangement of lines and colours and he felt better than he had before he looked at themA remark Anna Comnena had made about Robert Guiscard 'Once a man has seized power his love of money displays exactly the same characteristics as gangrene for gangrene once established in a body never rests until it has invaded and corrupted the whole of it''There's no justice here Dottore' he said frightened to realize that he meant not only for this man and his family but for this city and this country and their lives One of the cadets at a Venetian military academy is dead Is it suicide as some claim or was he murdered? Brunetti aims to find out despite obstacles presented by Patta and Scarpa Ultimately he learns the truth but will justice ever be served? Anyone who buys this book seeking a standard whodunnit will be disappointed as at least one reviewer has plainly been How sad to miss the growing depth of Donna Leon's portrayal of Venice corruption in the Italian way of life and the effect it has on the people who inhabit itStrangely it seems to me that the crime element of Uniform Justice an apparent suicide in a military academy makes for a interesting and plausible narrative than has been the case in some of the author's novels At the same time the development of Commissario Brunetti's character grows ever perceptive This is a a detective with flaws as the genre seems to demand but here they are not due to drink or drugs Brunetti procrastinates when a telephone call may not be easy to make His decision making at a crucial stage of the suicide investigation is faulty At the end his reluctance to take what might be seen as the just course is undermined because he can envision what would be the outcome in similar circumstances in his own familyDonna Leon has created an eminently credible human being in her Commissario Her view of him is humane but that does not mean that through him she cannot express abhorrence at corruption in public life It would not have been beyond her to manufacture a 'correct' happy ending; that she does not do so is one of the attributes that set her apart as a crime writer The plot in this book is basically nonexistent and is an excuse for Donna Leon to have Many Opinions on the Military as well as the inefficiencies of Italian government This might not work for you if you you know care about plot but luckily for everyone I would read Brunetti's diary and be perfectly happy with itHighlights of this installment Brunetti struggling with unfamiliar Euro coins as he gets on the traghetto The Brunettiverse has transitioned off of lire y'all Comparisons between mother in laws and Parliament an alien presence that made ever increasing demands in return for the vain promise of domestic harmony Signora Elettra inventing a son she names Filiberto with the second choice name being Eriprando Vianello chilling with the chickens at the Ruffo country home Brunetti asking if the files he needs are on a computer and then laughing as if he was joking about not knowing where they were stored Lunches that are defined as light because Brunetti only has a uartino of white wine and a single grappaI found some of the scenes rather bizarre in terms of investigative strategy The scene between Brunetti and his old school friend was extremely strange in that I wasn't really sure what Brunetti was trying to get out of that meeting or why that was included in the book at all The other conversations seemed a little off as well Could Donna Leon really be trying to add filler to the twelfth book in a series??? But that ending conversation was played perfectly view spoilerBrunetti seeing the wink at the end was great punctuation for a case that centered on corruption hide spoiler

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