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Susannah Sunfire No 2 The South that raised her was at war while Susannah's own battle raged in her heartSusannah had lived her sixteen years as a proper Virginia girl obedient dreaming of marriage leaving the decisions to the men But when her brother and her fiance are called on to defend the South Susannah takes the first daring steps of rebellion against the old rules She must fight for her own life for her family and for the secret love born in the flames of war

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    In the mid to late 80's Scholastic had a series called Sunfire They were simple romances set around a major historical event in US history I LOVED THESE I think I almost had the entire series 30books This one was by fa

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    Wow this was a fun little trip down memory lane I first read this when it was released I was 10 I don't even know how many times I read it then but it had to be at least eight There was one unmemorable re read about 10 year

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    I will admit up front that I keep going back and forth on my opinion of this book so if this review seems disjointed that would be why I loved this one when I was a kid and looked forward to it during the Sunfire Re Read I actua

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    Yet another cheesy Sunfire novel this should be the last one for awhile Susannah is about a girl growing up in Virginia during the Civil War Little by little her world falls apart and she finds herself having to be the leader in her

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    This is my favorite book out of these Sunfire romances I've read it about 10 times I saved them all these years for my daughters and Im glad I did since they are now out of print

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    I'm on a Sunfire kick right now and have taken it upon myself to reread all of the ones I currently have Actually reviewing this one without bias is impossible because I love it too much but I will try my bestI love this book Out of all the Su

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    Rereading my way through the Sunfire series in publication orderThree years into the Civil War Susannah Dellinger is yearning for the good old days when there were picnics and balls and attentions from her handsome neighbor Evan Jones But those day

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    The bond between the hero heroine was set up on tenuous footing but the entire jist of the novel was the unpredictable and upending nature of war where the strangest things are made possible The character of Susannah is far like a hybrid of Scarlett O'

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    Back in like 6th grade or something I read the first Sunfire teen romance Amanda which was about a girl on the wagon train going west I liked it a lot and reread it occasionally So I was excited to find this one at the library booksale a few years ago and fi

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    I devoured much of the Sunfire historical romance series in 5th and 6th grade That is I read scores of them but I think I did a bit of skimming The formula was always the same two young men both handsome oh my Whom will she choose? 6th grade me lapped that stuff

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