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The Carrie Diaries Making the decision of picking a book to read during the Christmas break was not easy although in the end basing myself on other people’s recommendations I ended up reading this novel by Candace Bushnell The Carrie Diaries This novel is all about Carrie’s coming of age and the course of the twelfth grade with its ups and downs Throughout the book the protagonist Carrie encounters many obstacles These issues vary from having a problematic sister to an unfaithful boyfriend that at points make her life a living hell In my opinion I think this book is very recommendable to any girl in high school mainly because the things Carrie goes through are things that I’ve seen amongst my friends or people from the grades above and when reading the book I could sometimes relate For example Carrie fights a lot with her younger sister and so do I Also it’s very amusing to read the issues she has between friends because that’s something almost everybody goes throughWhat I liked the most about the book is being able to completely get to know the protagonist Carrie and imagine her in my mind I guess that if there had been a movie about the book it would have been harder to make up the faces of the characters in my mind While reading it the conclusions I drew from Carrie’s character is that she’s just a girl like any other I liked that a lot because in some books the characters are somewhat fictional and it makes it hard to relate but this time it was different and it made me enjoy the reading a lot On the other hand it was also really interesting to see how well written and realistic is the betrayal of her best friend because it’s basically the bomb that you’re waiting for to explode all along the novelOverall I think this is a very interesting book and personally I don’t enjoy reading but I surely did enjoy this book I recommend it to every teenage girl and I hope they enjoy it as much as I did I have plenty of guilty pleasures and even though I call them that I try not to feel too guilty about them Life's too short right? One of my biggest pleasures is reading teen and pre teen literature Another is the ridiculous joy that is Sex and the City So reading The Carrie Diaries was like combining the two in one ultimate dream Well not uite But it was fun There are a few oddly glaring inconsistencies between the book and the TV series however In the series she re dates her high school boyfriend who she went to prom with she doesn't actually go to the prom in the book I'm sure there's stuff mentioned about how Carrie in the series is an only child raised by a single mother yet in the book her mum has died and left her dad to raise her and her two sisters Also she's bizarrely an excellent cook whereas in the show it's often mentioned how she never cooks and uses her oven to store sweaters It's a teen book really despite the peppering of expletives Don't read it expecting it to be a grown up novel You can probably already tell whether you'll like this or not it's or less what you're expecting I enjoyed it though And I especially liked the very last sentence Look The Carrie Diaries is never going to win any literary awards for being a valuable exploration of teen culture but it was a fun book And I enjoyed reading it for it's entertainment value I've never seen one episode of Sex and the City ?? And I have only seen one or two of The Carrie Diaries but it didn't really matter This stands alone without those other influences It basically follows Carrie Bradshaw a school senior who's dealing with typical teenage drama boyfriends school prom mean friends dysfunctional families and the looming uncertain future When she starts school a blast from the past in the form of Sebastian Kydd the HOTTEST boy in senior year turns up to ruin her life and that's basically the story One thing I think really stood out is that even though the drama was ridiculous and cliche the dynamics and the aesthetic of the school and how the people and the groups interacted felt realistic I liked that it transcended typical teenage highschool stereotypes generally portrayed within books such as these and insisted upon the integrity and value of each person it did not victimise or vilify one group or cliue but rather highlighted the hypocrisy and flaws of each I liked that the faults of the protagonist and her friends were pointed out alongside those of the popular girls I often find it disappointing how contemporary books dehumanise and vilify pretty girls generally because they are Actually that same concept was analysed and critiued in The Carrie Diaries and for that I'm appreciativeThe book had a uniue voice and well rounded host of characters which I felt really fleshed it out and made it than just a contemporary high school romance Carrie's voice was domineering but she was not flawless I liked that she was challenged by both friend and foe for her behaviours and that she was not presented as being ultimately errorless It was really refreshing especially in this genre which I think typically has bland protagonists who possess little or no faults The plot was fast moving and it was easy reading but not absorbing The problems of the characters were really really trivial The characters issues were very white fairly wealthy teenage which was fine but not particularly engaging It did deal with the topics it tackled well though I felt it left the lgbt storyline hanging a bit which was disappointing I would have liked to see it go alot places But other stories including feminism the repression of female sexuality and slut shaming and the challenge between femininity and agency were well written It was clear Candace Bushell places a great importance on writing gender politics and explorations and I suppose it is what she did best here It's a shame the writing is basic and bland because if it'd been a bit exciting maybe a little rich this book would have been better I also which the characters had been fleshed out alot especially some of the central supporting characters view spoiler ALSO On a side note I was so happy Sebastian didn't end up with Carrie and he wasn't glorified because he was so shitty and I was so scared he'd get forgiven and have a cute romance w her and I was like NO hide spoiler There are some books that inspire you – that make you want to do something amazing The kind of books that make you feel like you could go anywhere you want to – That anything really is possible Then there are the books that make you cry til you can’t no The type of book that people recommend you don’t read in public unless you want people to see you start crying over the book And then there’s this bookThe Carrie Diaries is about a girl Carrie as she goes through life finishes her last year of high school We learn about stuff like how she feels about being left out when all of her friends seem to be doing the deed and smoking cigarettes This book came to me with high recommendations I stumbled upon this book accidentally and saw all the great reviews and stuff so I thought Heyy let’s try this book Yes I have actually reached this point where nothing seems good to read I know IF any of y’all feel like recommending a book to me it would be fantastic I’m just desperate for good books Y’all know what to doThis book?NEVER AGAINThe characters – there was something I just didn’t like about themThe plot – Ughh No Way This book just reminded me about why high school is so horrible at timesThe main character – Carrie was okay I guess Not the best nor was she one I particularly liked but I was okay with herSebastian Kydd – I’m not even going to comment on this oneSo yep 1 star Sorry Enjoyed it Would I re read it? Probably not P It's very highschool well actually it literally is P It's when Carrie was in her senior year right before she goes to New York and Brown It's the beginning if you willIt has mostly all the highschool themes cliues fitting in girls being mean to eachother shitty friends shitty boyfriends coming out of the closet being back stabbed by a friend jealousy figuring out what you want to be in life finding out who you are self identity loyalty to friendships being cheated on trying different courses seeing what you like wondering if a boy likes you or notCarrie is very annoying at times and to me unrelatable and way too forgiving and naive lol but hey she's in high school If I had to identify with a character it probably would have been The Mouse because she actually thinks rationally scratch that she actually thinks properly lol Maggie is unbelievably annoying dumb and emotional I've actually known girls like Maggie thoughview spoilerI hated Sebastian the entire time he's one of those play boy's that think he's all that and deserves the best when he's the worst and he's self centered and dumb But he's hot I thought Maggie was definitely going to become pregnant by the end lolI liked how Carrie's sister Dorrit ended up with George because he was a really nice guyI like how it ended with Carrie being lost and stuck in New York and having to call her because the pretty popular girl in school gave her her number I also like how those two ended up being friendly to eachother hide spoiler So i picked up this book for a bit of a laugh thinking it was going to be trashy fun SURPRISE It was actually really good?Disclaimer I haven’t seen an episode of Sex in the City I’ve seen the first movie but that’s pretty much it I’ve also seen the first few episodes from when they adapted this book into a show and barring a few things this book is nothing like that Carrie is an amazing character Sure she’s a teenager and sometimes she screws up but she’s all about girl power and doesn’t take shit from boys about how girls are “boring” or “stupid” While sometimes she drops the ball when she’s told she’s “not like other girls” overall she’s fabI pretty much hated Sebastian from the get go He was just too slick and perfect He pretty much had a neon “douchebag” sign floating over his head But sometimes smart girls fall for the wrong guys Sebastian wasn’t the only character I wanted to slap silly especially towards the end view spoilerHow in the world does Lali feel zero remorse for what she’s done? How can it be so easy for her to turn her back on a lifelong friendship without giving a fuck? hide spoiler Before Carrie Bradshaw hit the big time in the City she was a regular girl growing up in the suburbs of Connecticut How did she turn into one of the most read social observers of our generation?Even though I'm a woman in her very late 20s I still enjoy YA books And I LOVE the show Sex and the City I grew up watching that show with dreams of living in the city like them and being a fashionista So I enjoyed learning how Carrie became the goddess she was in my eyes I recommend this series for any fans of the show I hated this book so much I destroyed it after reading If you are a SATC fan you will love this series I think this is what most people are looking for when they read the actual book called Sex in the City and they are disappointed when they don't get it This book just reads like an actual diary of a young Carrie Bradshaw and of course since I love Carrie I love these books She is the sweetest character ever to read about and she's fun too I feel like she's just so real and that's what had made me a huge SATC fan for so long I couldn't stop reading about her antics as a teen and then thinking about her as an adult and thinking yeah that's totally CarrieCarrie isn't fully Carrie though until she's in NYC so I'm glad the series didn't spend so much time on her life before NYC It was nice to finally have her mother's death mentioned because in all the seasons of the show I always wondered why she never once mentioned any family members That still doesn't clear up why she doesn't ever mention her dad or sister but oh wellI can get over thatI am not a fan of any of Bushnell's other writing I like this series but I don't think I have ever finished a single one of her other books And yes I have started like 3 or 4 of them always hoping I would find one I loved just because I love SATC so much I think she's better at writing YA than adult chick lit Before Carrie Bradshaw hit the big time in the City she was a regular girl growing up in the suburbs of Connecticut How did she turn into one of the most read social observers of our generationThe Carrie Diaries opens up in Carrie's senior year of high school She and her best friends Walt Lali Maggie and the Mouse are inseparable amid the sea of Jens Jocks and Jets And then Sebastian Kydd comes into the picture Sebastian is a bad boy older intriguing and unpredictable Carrie falls into the relationship that she was always supposed to have in high school until a friend's betrayal makes her uestion everything With her high school days coming to a close Carrie will realize it's finally time to go after everything she ever wantedRabid fans of Sex and the City will love seeing Carrie Bradshaw evolve from a regular girl into a sharp insightful writer They'll learn about her family background how she found her writing voice and the indelible impression her early friendships and relationships left on her We'll see what brings Carrie to her beloved New York City where the next Carrie Diaries book will take place

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Candace Bushnell is the critically acclaimed international best selling author of Killing Monica Sex and the City Summer and the City The Carrie Diaries One Fifth Avenue Lipstick Jungle Trading Up and Four Blondes Sex and the City published in 1996 was the basis for the HBO hit series and two subseuent blockbuster movies Lipstick Jungle became a popular television series on NBC as di

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