House of Hilton From Conrad to Paris A Drama of Wealth

House of Hilton From Conrad to Paris A Drama of Wealth Power and Privilege This intimate shocking—and thoroughly unauthorized—portrait of the Hiltons chronicles the family’s amazing odyssey from poverty and obscurity to glory and glamourFrom Conrad Hilton the eccentric “innkeeper to the world” who built a global empire beginning with a fleabag in a dusty Texas backwater to Paris Hilton his great granddaughter whose fame took off with a sex video House of Hilton is the unauthorized eye popping portrait of one of America’s most outrageous dynasties If you want to know how Paris Hilton became who she is you have to know where she came from From scores of candid and exclusive interviews from private documents and public records New York Times bestselling author Jerry Oppenheimer has dug deeply into her paternal and maternal family roots to reveal the often shocking tragic and comic lives that helped shape the world’s most famous and fabulous “celebutante” The cast of characters includes Paris’s maternal grandmother a materialistic “stage mother from hell” There is Paris’s maternal grandfather who became an alcoholic housepainter The life of Paris’s mother Kathy Hilton groomed by her mother to be a star and marry rich is candidly revealed too as is that of Paris’s father Rick Conrad’s grandson Paris’s tabloid antics are truly in the Hilton tradition Set against a glittery Hollywood backdrop—with appearances by stars like Elizabeth Taylor Zsa Zsa Gabor Natalie Wood and Joan Collins—House of Hilton brings to light a cornucopia of closely held Hilton family secrets and sexual peccadilloes such as the many affairs and the nightclub brawling boozing and pill popping life of Paris’s great uncle Nick Hilton The story of his hellish marriage to Liz Taylor alone rivals any of today’s Hollywood breakups Behind it all was Conrad Hilton who built his worldwide empire through the Great Depression while others were jumping out of windows A devout Catholic publicly his personal life was that of an unrepentant sinner His first marriage was to Mary Barron Hilton a sexy hard drinking gambling Kentucky teenager half Conrad’s age Wife number two was the gorgeous Zsa Zsa who like Paris was famous for being famous Their tumultuous marriage and headline making divorce are revealed here in all their juicy glory In all House of Hilton is a gripping American saga from the fire and passions that built a business empire to the debauchery and amorality passed on from one generation to the next Totally gossipy and snarky and who knows if any of it is true But it was fun I not so guilty pleasure love the Housewives franchise and I've heard that the first part of this book is perfect for understandingandand why things like this happen and i just want to know why and how kyle stole kim's goddamn house which it does not answer because the years are off but whatever this review is just one bad reference after another Anyways read the first part got what I came for I read this book because I wanted to know how far south a family had to go before they ended up with a Paris HiltonThen I realized that I was approaching it from the wrong perspective Compared to her crazier relatives there is nothing wrong with Paris Hilton This book was okay I wanted tabloid trash about rich idiots It served its purpose

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