Carbonel and Calidor Being the Further Adventures of a

Carbonel and Calidor Being the Further Adventures of a Royal Cat The third and final book in the Carbonel trilogy“There are many kinds of magicand once magic is in your blood it attracts magic” says the royal cat Carbonel at the start of Carbonel and Calidor Sure enough Carbonel’s human friends Rosemary and John soon encounter magic in the form of a ring set with a fiery red stone that grants wishes to whoever wears it And it’s a lucky thing too because Carbonel needs Rosemary and John’s help It seems that his son Calidor has rejected his princely status for the love of a streetwise cat named Wellingtonia also known as Dumpsie Even worse Calidor has apprenticed himself to the witch in training Mrs Dibdin With all this going on it’s just a matter of time before Carbonel’s old nemesis Grisana—accompanied by her slyboots daughter Melissa—hatches a plan to take control of Carbonel’s kingdom once and for all This third and final volume of the Carbonel series is as full of enchantment and adventure as its predecessors Carbonel and The Kingdom of Carbonel Read individually or in seuence Barbara Sleigh’s fantastic and fantastical trilogy casts an unforgettable spell We were sad to say goodbye to Carbonel and his gang of royal and not so royal cats Logan plans to have an all black cat some day so that he can name it Carbonel His other favorite cat characters were Dumpsie a she cat raised in the town dump and favored by Prince Calidor and Woppit Calidor's and Pergamond's nanny cat Logan didn't think he'd use those names though Sleigh is a good storyteller and I liked that the kids got older and changed during the series of three books In this last book I did end up editing out some of the pre teen snarkiness in this one skipping over the don't be stupid kind of comments which was easy to do I imagine L will re read these stories later This is the third book in the Carbonel trilogy; I read the first two as a youngster but my library didn't have the third book This is my first time reading itreturnreturnAs Rosemary and John reunite to spend a third summer together the King of Cats Carbonel shows up As usual he wants something from his faithful human friends The children find a magic ring that enable them to hear Carbonel and he tells them his tale of woe his son and heir Calidor has abandoned the royal family and become a witch's minion When witches are about dark magic is sure to follow especially when the evil cat ueen Grisania from a nearby town plots Carbonel's demise It's Rosemary and John to the rescue along with hopping brooms walking road reflectors and a whole mess of catsreturnreturnI didn't like this book as much and not just because of the missing nostalgia factor In a lot of ways it didn't make sense For one John and Rosemary forget about Carbonel throughout the rest of the year; presumably magic makes them forget but it's incredibly sad for them to have these amazing adventures and remember almost nothing I mean they wouldn't remember why they were friends or how Rosemary met her stepfather and all sorts of other life changing events Also the second book ended with them messing a bit with the space time continuum As a kid I didn't mind that even though it would mean Carbonel never met them But in the third book the issue makes even less sense and then the book uses the exact same sort of endingreturnreturnMaybe this book is disjointed because of the time span involved The first book came out in 1955 the second in 1960 and this one in 1978 John even wears bellbottoms on the cover Each book in the series could stand completely on its own since all the characters forget everything that happened before which seems like a total cop out to me like saying it was all a dream Maybe the author forgot or didn't have a copy of the other books handy? I think I would have been very disappointed as a kid so I'm kind of glad I found this as an adult and have a bit perspective But I'm still really disappointed Oh I thought this one was great For one thing it is full of great cat characters with great names Often two names common and high Dumpsie and Wellingtonia Didn't love this uite as much as I did when i was twelve Still the king and prince of cats are pretty awesomeI'm on an animal stories jag at the moment And the fatherson thing seems to be a big deal in all of themthe idea of a secret world of cats on the roofs is still pwoerful as well it's the human side that's less effective The third book in this delightful series is in some ways the best It's showdown time among the cats and the humans are not far behind ramping up their amateur witchery and doing their wicked best to frustrate our two child heroes There's even time travel Not to mention a threat to the comfort and safety of one of the children's Parent A wonderful conclusion to a great trilogy Highly recommended for reading aloud to your favorite 10 year old The introduction of new characters the new villain witch and her toad among others kept the antics of Rosemary and John fresh and interesting possibly enjoyable than the second book in the trilogy The idea of having Rosemary turn into a witch herself albeit a good one which is not suggested as possible in the book could have been an interesting spin off for a subseuent series It started a bit slowly than the previous 2 but once it got going a fun occasionally hilarious and at times touching book for children and lovers of cats magic and English childrens fiction in general Apparently I skipped book 2 and jumped right to bok 3 by mistake I couldn't tell Book 1 was better but this was good enough and will work well for an adult reading aloud to children ages 4 to 7 probably I am really glad that I got a chance to re read a childhood favorite Of course I didn't find the series as magical as when I was 10 years old but still felt it was well written and an enjoyable way to pass the time I hope today's young people discover these books as a worthwhile read

About the Author: Barbara Sleigh

Barbara Sleigh 1906 1982 worked for the BBC Children's Hour and is the author of Carbonel and two seuels The Kingdom of Carbonel and Carbonel and Calidor

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