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Battleground Code Red #6 The brand new action packed sixth Code Red adventure thriller for young readersFourteen year old Ben Tracy goes to Pakistan with his environmental activist mother who then travels across the border into Afghanistan leaving Ben behind where it’s safe But Ben and his new friend Aarya are kidnapped and find themselves caught up in a terrifying planned Taliban attack that could destroy Southern Afghanistan killing thousands And when Ben sees their kidnappers are carrying some sort of weapon that looks like a suitcase he realizes that their lives are in serious danger

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    A teenage boy saw some soldier movies and decided to write a fan fiction and this book is the result Wait the author is former SAS member? WHAT? No just no the plot is too naive and illogical the story is full of clichés and characters are either forgettable or dumb Ben you do gooder so you're in Pakistan for the first time in your life know nothing about th

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    Read this easily in an afternoon and really enjoyed it I'd uite like to see of how Ben's life goes from here I could kind of see where it was going but thought it was nicely done Maybe it was the particular subject matter but I found myself getting emotionally involved in the story than I would normally so that was kind of a nice change too I think it was becaus

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    Dobré se to čte za to jedna hvězdička ale ten nelogickej příběh ach jo Jako jednohubka na pár minut zasytí ale nenajite se z toho

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    ‘Code Red Battleground’ by Chris Ryan is an action filled adventure which most readers will find completely engrossingThe book focuses on the themes of modern warfare and so is recommended for those with a love for military based reads The story’s main plot follows a fourteen year old teenager named Ben Tracy who was born in Macclesfield Cheshire Whilst taking part in

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    I think Battleground by Chris Ryan is an amazing book I loved it I enjoyed it a lot It is also one of my favorite books It is so interesting I couldn't stop reading it once I started it which is weird because I don't find many books that I enjoy and are interesting to me But this book was one of the best I have read yet I think everyone else should also read it

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    This was a great read

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    Was not that impressed with unrealistic plot surely this author can do better

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