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Little Boy Lost Courage is sometimes found in the unlikeliest places Dominic is a sixteen year old man child while he has the body of a prize fighter as a result of a terrible seizure when he was a small child he has been left with the mind of a child In the centre where he spends his days Dominic is a challenge and an inspiration someone who struggles against the odds and whose every victory over his limitations is a cause for celebration But when a new member of staff at the centre breaks a sacred trust the fall out is horrific and Dominic becomes a pawn in a dangerous game Little Boy Lost is the story of Dominic's brave battle to face up to betrayal and show one time that he is a survivor

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    Yes this one was a better read It told how working with disabled ppl no matter how much hard work you put in that things can still go very wrong One wrong sentence or action can be misunderstood Sadly there are not many of

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    A wonderful book I couldn’t put it down Beautifully written as always Heartwarming Sad

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    Beautifully written book about amazing people with different needs to ours this story makes you see the world threw different people eyes Shane started to volunteer at Drumlin were he comes across several amazing people who's

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    Very good

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    Another attempt to find a book on kindle that was both cheap and really good Terribly written book about a man who volunteers to work in a therapeutic day centre in Ireland Blurb very misleading book not that much about that on

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    i would really love to meet annie j

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    This is a tear jerker but i loved it

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    And yet another fab Shane Dunphy book x

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