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Gabriella's Song I’m giving this book 5 stars well 4 ½ actually because of both the illustrations and the story I like that the informative author’s note started off the book vs it being at the end as is typicalThe illustrations are truly lovely I want to go to Venice It’s wonderfully depicted I also like how some of the hanging laundry on the inside covers are cloths with music scores on them And how some of the illustrations are whimsical And just everything about them even people’s faces though they took me a very little bit of time to appreciate themThe story is sweet; I love how the tune starts travels and evolves I love the acknowledgement given at the end Most importantly it shows how the same music can evoke different feelings in different people depending on the person and their mood It was a perfect book to read as one of six books selected for March’s music theme for the Picture Books Club over at the Children's Books groupI also appreciated the smattering of Italian words and the “sound effect” words and the latter contribute to making this book fun to read aloud In the streets and canals of Venice Gabriella can hear nothing but sweet music The drying laundry goes slap slap the church bells go ting aling ling and the lire go jing aling ling Soon Gabriella is humming her way through town and everyone hears her song Some find it sad others smile when they hear it but none can forget the beautiful melody Before long a certain struggling composer is inspired by Gabriella's song and a beautiful symphony is born A young Venetian girl keenly attuned to the sounds of daily life in her city the crying of street vendors the flap flap of pigeon wings the jing aling ling of lire the ting aling ling of church bells hums an impromptu tune at the baker's and going on her way is unaware until much later that her song has gone out into the city and has found its way to the ears of composer Giuseppe del Pietro But when del Pietro puts on a concert to share his latest symphony the citizens of Venice and Gabriella in particular hear something very familiarI enjoyed Gabriella's Song appreciating the idea that sometimes music can be found in the everyday sounds around us and that it can speak to different people in different ways I also really liked the way that it highlights the connections between formal art music what we often call classical music and other modes of musical expression It may seem obvious to say that all music is interconnected but I think that this is something people tend to forget in their haste to categorize by genre The ink and watercolor illustrations by Giselle Potter have a distinctively whimsical charm well suited to the story All in all a sweet little book one of six chosen by the Picture Book Club to which I belong as part of our music themed March reading program that is well worth the young music lover's time Gabriella's Song is a sweet and charming book I appreciated the warm color use in the illustrations adding to the cozy feel of the book I liked the storyline of a little girl walking through Venice with a song that catches on throughout the city I thought it did a nice job of expressing how music affects everyone differently It was also nice to see the culture of the city The author note in the beginning was helpful in understanding this city of musicThis book was a choice of the Children's Picture Book Club monthly reads found here In her travels around Venice little Gabriella uses snippets of the sounds she hears to create a little song which inspires another to write a symphonyGiselle Potter's illustrations put a song in my heart I discovered this book as it was featured as one of the March 2011 Music themed reads for the Picture book club in the Children's Books group here at Goodreads We really enjoyed the story; I'm not sure it would have been a book that we would have chosen on our own so I'm thankful once again for this group introducing us to a wide variety of books I like the idea that little Giselle found music in the everyday sounds around her While reading the story we attempted to make a song from the sounds in the book with each of us repeating a sound I don't think we uite captured the essence of the beauty of Gabriella's song but it was fun and it reminded me of a musical round that the music teacher in our girls' school taught with better results I might add The illustrations were interesting and I love that the composer made a beautiful symphony out of Gabriella's little tune All in all it was a fun book to read aloud A well crafted story with truly ugly illustrations A bit too simple Odd pictures Everything works except the people I did not enjoy this book I thought that the illustrations were dull and I wish that they were colorful I also think that only students who are interested in music would want to read this book I found it to be dull and that many students would enjoy reading about interesting topics I think that if a child was interested in music that this would be the book for them but many children would rather read about other topics instead of this This would be great for an elementary music class and the teacher could possibly get their students excited about music I think that better books are out there than this book but for certain instances this book would appeal to young readers For some reason this came up in the library catalog when I was searching for books on birds No idea why really because just having a few birds on the cover did not make it ualify And perhaps that was part of why I didn't care so much for this one I try to evaluate a book based on what it actually is and not because of my expectations but well it's hard And I'm human So there we are I actually think the story itself is a nice one although I feel like it should have been based on a true story and my brain was disappointed that there's no evidence that this is so And while I did like the colors used in the illustrations the pictures themselves were unappealing

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