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A story about finding yourself and your true love Beautiful and perfect ❤ Jenny Colgan is always a delicious delight and this book is warm funny and slyly good at writing about issues that will be especially recognisible to readers in their 30s Another charmer of a story 14Please note this review is meant as a recommendation only Please do not use it in any marketing material online or in print without asking permission from me first Thank you Posy Fairweather is on top of the world – uite literally – when her boyfriend Matt proposes on top of a mountain Posy though doesn’t appear to be uite as happy as you would expect when your boyfriend of three years proposes and her friends think it may have something to do with her ex ‘Lord Voldemort’; he who shall not be named Posy realises that before she can truly commit to Matt she must track down her previous boyfriends and find out exactly why their relationship ended and decide if the grass IS greener on the other side Once Matt finds out what Posy is doing though he calls of the engagement leaving Posy confused then ever But if she loves Matt why is she playing with fire by trotting all around the country to see her exes and what exactly will come of her adventures?It’s probably fair to say that I’m not a huge fan of Jenny Colgan’s books It took two attempts to read West End Girls and even after I finally finished it I wasn’t overly impressed I also read Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend shortly after it’s release and again it wasn’t anything special However I really loved the sound of her 2010 release The Good The Bad and The Dumped so I decided to give Jenny’s books one last chance and pre ordered it for myself It came into stock a few days before it’s actual release and I eventually received my copy the day of it’s actual release and decided to start it right awayMy first problem with The Good The Bad and The Dumped is the fact that the blurb on the back of the book is misleading For starters Posy is called Posy Sutherland on the blurb but on the first sentence of the book she’s Posy Fairweather; how an error like that slipped through the editingproof reading stage is mind boggling since I picked up on it immediately Secondly the blurb on the back states that Matt backs out of the engagement days after proposing and then Posy goes off around the country trying to track down her exes This isn’t true; Matt backs out of the engagement after Posy decides to start finding out why her relationships ended and Matt accidentally finds out They are just little errors but they irritate me Particularly the error pertaining Posy’s second name it’s just not acceptable when a lot of people read a book before it goes off to printFor me I didn’t think the story itself was portrayed as interestingly as it could have been Mainly because Posy spent the majority of her time whinging and moaning which is never a good start Posy says yes to getting engaged but doesn’t seem at all excited about the potential for an upcoming wedding; it comes across as if she only said yes because it was the only answer that would save her from having to possibly be single again It kind of ruined the proposal itself for me which was incredibly sweet Then of course Posy goes off to discover if she could have been happy with her previous boyfriends To be honest I did uite like the idea of Posy tracking down all of her exes it sounded like it could make for a fun and interesting read and although it was interesting it kind of felt a bit flat There was supposed to be a bit of mystery surrounding ‘Lord Voldemort’ the man Posy couldn’t speak of but I found it tedious and just wanted to know who on Earth he was There’s also an underlying feeling throughout the book that Posy’s mother which I won’t even attempt to spell never mind pronounce had somehow affected Posy’s views of relationships I thought though that it was just a blatant attempt to try and justify what Posy doesBecause the book is told from the third person point of view it’s hard to really relate to any of the characters I think Posy might have come across much better had the book been told entirely from her point of view As it was it was hard to really understand why she felt she had to do everything she had to do before she could contemplate marrying Matt There were a few other characters; Matt who seemed OK; Fleur Posy’s sister; Leah Posy’s best friend who seemed a tad wet and rather man obsessed making me said she had my name; Posy’s mother with the unpronouncable name as well as Posy’s father and new family We also of course have Posy’s exes who weren’t up to much to be honestJenny’s writing is fairly easy to read although as I said it would probably have worked better told from Posy’s point of view solo rather than the third person perspective that was used Although it is actually Jenny’s writing that brings me back to some irritating errors A few pages into the book Posy’s friend is discussing how her life might pan out and is mentioning having a baby and says “do mass murder” then there’s another occasion where Posy is somewhere and the line says “and did pillage and stuff” and finally when one of Posy’s exes is talking about one of his exes he says “and did a lot of crying” All three sentences are phrased so badly that I just couldn’t understand how they had been left in when the book was edited All three sentences should have been totally different – like this perhaps “commit mass murder” “and pillaged and stuff” and “and cried a lot” I’m not a picky reader and I don’t sit and comb through a book picking out errors purposefully but all of those I’ve mentioned jumped out at me and I couldn’t ignore themOverall I think that’s it for me with Jenny’s books A lot of people say she’s a fantastic author but of her three books I’ve read so far they’ve all been incredibly disappointing I had high hopes for The Good The Bad and The Dumped as it sounded interesting but to be honest I don’t think it really worked I wouldn’t really recommend the book – even so if you’re particular to editing errors and wrong character names If you’re looking for a Jenny Colgan book to read the only one I would recommend is Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend That was the best of the three I’ve read This book is about Posy Fairweather Her boyfriend Matt proposes and Posy is really happy But her family and friends don't really seem utterly ecstatic And soon Posy starts to wonder if she's making the right decision marrying Matt To be entirely sure Posy tracks down her first boyfriend from college just to see what could've been and to make sure that Matt is the perfect man for her But when Matt gets wind of that he isn't exactly delighted and breaks off the engagement Now Posy starts to wonder why all of her other relationships failed and goes off in search of her two remaining ex boyfriends to find out Well hm I must say when I just started the book I could've killed Posy I hated everything she did Why would she ruin her perfectly nice relationship being such a bitch? Why for heaven's sake did she have to track down her ex boyfriends? I mean of course it's interesting to see what people from the past got up to Sure But all of your ex boyfriends? Personally? Go from London to Scotland without telling your loving boyfriend who just proposed? Lying to him because of that? What kind of bitch is she? Then later she wants to borrow Matt's car to drive to the last of her ex boyfriends And he says yes? Uhm okay? But Aside from Posy's silly actions and thoughts and her being a total and utter stupid bitch I really liked the book Especially the ending was very lovely and the epilogue was totally cool I still kind of liked Posy and her best friend and even her stupid sister who shared my opinion on Posy's stupidity Also it was nice to get to know all of Posy's different love stories and why they had ended; and how the respective boyfriends have changed and all that So all in all I really did like the book and as I said the ending was great But Posy was so damned stupid and I hated that I am really torn between 4 and 5 stars here I would probably give the book 45 stars but as that's not possible it'll be 5 It's the endings' fault really I loved it ♥ Now you obviously would never ever look up your exes on Facebook Nooo And even if you did you most certainly wouldn't run off trying to track them down risking your job family and happiness in the process Posy Fairweather on the other hand Posy is delighted when Matt proposes on top of a mountain in a gale in full on romantic mode But a few days later disaster strikes he backs out of the engagement Crushed and humiliated Posy starts thinking Why has her love life always ended in total disaster Determined to discover how she got to this point Posy resolves to get online and track down her exes Can she learn from past mistakes And what if she has let Mr Right slip through her fingers on the way 35 starsSo the general concept of Posy coming to terms with her past by tracking down her exes sounded uite tempting My good mood sank a little when I realised that I don't like Posy And that was right from the beginning unfortunately D I didn't really like her thoughts and actions They were either tiring or not elusive somehow And on top of that she was one of those people that tend to drop everyone else as soon as they're in a relationship at least in the past I love such people That's already a pretty weak basis for the rest of the story right?Well in addition none of the guys seemed that likeable to me so not that much enthusiasm on that aspect Plus the suspense built towards mysterious ex boyfriend #3 was a little clumsy and not smooth enough for my taste So why did I finish this book don't give a destructive review?I guess because it was uite witty from time to time and was a really fast read And even though I didn't like the characters I didn't feel annoyed If that makes sense D I found this book in a cupboard of a villa I am staying in I needed a paper book to take to a water park instead of my kindle and I decided to find something light tacky and easy to read This was a uick read but it was awful I wasn't expecting much with the weird references to Facebook but the main character was unlikeable as were all the other characters They have stupid names There were a lot of typos There was a poor attempt at making the main character relatable because she's a bit damaged makes a couple of awkward jokes and isnt uite as good looking as her sister Women in their 30s were described as desperate and predatory aren't these your target readers? and you can guess most of the story from reading the blurbI know a lot of chick lit is like this and maybe I wouldnt have found it uite so offensive if someone had proof read it but isn't it time this genre got a bit better? Forgetting the typos there are some other faux pas would a staunch feminist like the mother who refuses to learn to cook name her children after flowers? And why does her dumb but hunky fiance start uoting latin at the end?I also felt that the explanations behind Posy's behaviour made little sense She is messed up because her Dad left and all she can do is try and provide for her partners something that is either disliked or taken advantage of by her exes which needs to be explained for her by her most recent ex so her life can get back on the track it was always on Posey is about to get married She should be happy but something is holding her back She decides that she is going to track down her three previous boyfriends to see if there is any unfinished business Chris her first boyfriend in college who was comfortable but a bit unmotivated; Adam who was a bit unreliable; and Almaric the man who broke her heart and who's name she still can't sayI found some of the stories where she is tracking these boyfriends down and how she reacts to the changes in their lives Also her relationship with her mother father and sister cause for some amusing momentsDefinitely something I would recommend to others Jenny Colgan has a lovely writing style which means you can gallop through a book and feel hugely uplifted at the end of it I liked the main character Posy and was very taken with her search to find out who she really loves At times she does do some selfish things though and I wanted to shake her but I still wanted to read on and hope for the best I loved the ending which was entirely right However the epilogue was unnecessary and I didn't really understand what Colgan was trying to do at that point It was rather disruptive However apart from that a fun and engaging read Not one of her best books the humour seemed forced in parts but altogether a lovely feel good book Makes you uestion your own choices in life a little bit as well The Good the Bad and the Dumped

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