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The Capitol Game I listened to this narrated by Scott Brick Very well done I wasn't paying attention to the time the book was long A uarter of the way through I was sure I knew what was going to happen I expected it at the halfway mark but he threw in a cuckoo's egg view spoilerThe coating really did work I didn't expect that hide spoiler Stephen Frey meets the Sting Defense contacting finance and revengeIntriguing story of a con to ruin powerful but shady defense contractorsgreat revenge storygreat fun but I miss the Sean Drummond storiesI hope he gets back them Brian Haig a writer whose Sean Drummond series I really enjoy has penned a stand alone thriller about corporate greed corrupt officials and a very clever protagonist The plot should have made it unputdownable but unfortunately the current real and sad state of our government and Wall Street greed made this book an uncomfortable reminder of how bad things have become in our country It was a page turner but I think I need less reality and fiction in my life WםW What a great book It was so sad to finish it I wish it was an 800 page book The only thing that is even sadder is the fact that since 2015 Brian Haug didn't publish any new book So please We are waiting This is a great book So efrashing to read a book with no dead people REVIEW OF AUDIOBOOK; 24 DECEMBER 2015Narrator Scott BrickKept me intrigued to the very end I liked the plot very much even though there was no one to root for until the very last chapters Wiley seemed to wily for his own good yes groan and the only character I could sympathize with was Arvan Since he got paid rather well I didn't feel sorry for him for long No truly good guys in this book Only greedy corporate bigwigs and politicians Or so I thoughtI liked Jack Wiley but he was one of the money hungry Wall Street guys not a hero I needed someone to root for but the author gave me zilch Despite this Haig kept me tightly gripped in his tale of corporate intrigueand I got my hero in the end Not one but two I loved the endingWhat kept this from being 5 stars? It took too long It should have had 2 hours trimmed and better editing as Haig belabored the same point in a conversation until I was silently yelling Okay I got it I got it If I had been reading the ebook I would have skimmed these as the author had his characters repeat the same things over and over not just in one place but in other chaptersStill worth reading IMO despite the above complaintI've come to enjoy Scott Brick's narration but in this book I could have done with differentiation between the characters' voices Everyone sounded alike regardless of gender Masterfully woven story Very well done Keep a post it handy to keep track of the many characters but well worth the read Hook line and sinker – reeled in – with a bang From the battlefield of the Middle East to the trenches of Wall Street “The Capitol Game” had me at page one and didn't let go A masterfully intelligent plot defense spending and the purse string pythons of Wall Street and the Capitol Hill piranhas with greed as the billion dollar explosive bait Haig’s characters are well developed and authentically believable So much so their cutthroat business acuisitions and Good Old Boy politicking could have placed them in recent hall of shame headlines barking of criminal finance and treason And not until the final few pages is it made resolutely clear who exactly the protagonist is and who has clean hands – if any Another perk is Haig's refrain from using excessive profanity and graphic vulgarity That says much about his personal character treating his readers with respect for their ability to engage with the story through broad vocabulary expressive intelligence as opposed to gimmicky shock and awe However on the downside there is a modicum of stereotypical male egotism regarding female worthiness and eye candy which reflects in my rating Otherwise it's a five star read This one starts out with the death of a GI in Ira from and IED that takes out the Humvee he was riding in He was just weeks from ending his tour and returning to his wife and twin daughters Jump now to Washington DC where Jack Wiley a hot shot euity trader is being vetted by a big firm called the Capitol Group They a at the top of the heap when it comes to buying companies in trouble and turning them around or decimating them for a profit Their management is made up of many ex military and politicians with a nose for and big appetite for money Jack as come to them with an proposition he knows of a small chemical company that has fallen on hard times and is ripe for a buyout and it seems they have discovered a uniue material that when painted on vehicles makes them invulnerable to bullets missiles and bombs The Group sees lots of dollar signs and works to gobble up the company and make a killing with the paint What happens next is a battle of wits extreme skullduggery illegal acts and But that is what makes this a good read so I won’t divulge any of the story but let you find outr for your self what transpires New York Times bestselling author Brian Haig returns with a riveting new thriller about a man caught between the politics of big government and the corruption of big business It was the deal of the decade if not the century A small insignificant company on the edge of bankruptcy had discovered an alchemist's dream; a miraculous polymer that when coated on any vehicle was the euivalent of 30 inches of steel With bloody conflicts surging in Ira and Afghanistan the polymer promises to save thousands of lives and change the course of both warsJack Wiley a successful Wall Street banker believes he has a found a dream come true when he mysteriously learns of this miraculous polymer His plan enlist the help of the Capitol Group one of the country's largest and most powerful corporations in a uick bloodless takeover of the small company that developed the polymer It seems like a partnership made in heavenuntil the Pentagon's investigative service begins nosing around and the deal turns into a nightmare Now Jack's back is up against the wall and he and the Capitol Group find themselves embroiled in the greatest scandal the government and corporate America have ever seen A small company has made the discovery of the decade a kind of polymer to paint on army vehicles that repels explosives giving the vehicles armour euivalent to 30 inches of steel Jack Wiley a successful Wall street wheeler and dealer proposes to a large company skilled at takeovers the acuisition of this small company The company is in financial trouble The potential earnings from the polymer through the Defense Department are astronomical The very idea while at first seems too good to be true soon captures to imagination and exaggerates the greed of the leaders in this large company The Capital Group The scenarios that ensue from chapter to chapter paint a pictures of corporate and government corruption that boggles the mind Who is to be believed? Is Jack another greedy corporate wolf? Is the Capital Group totally without a conscience? And when a young lawyer comes on the scene to investigate government corruption we wonder why motivates herThe story moves well and comes to a startling conclusion that leaves Washington wounded and wondering

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