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Savor the Moment Wedding baker Laurel McBane is surrounded by romance working at Vows wedding planning company with her best friends Parker Emma and Mac But she's too low key to appreciate all the luxuries that their clients seem to long for What she does appreciate is a strong intelligent man a man just like Parker's older brother Delaney on whom she's had a mega crush since childhood But some infatuations last longer than others and Laurel is convinced that the Ivy League lawyer is still out of her reach Plus Del is too protective of Laurel to ever cross the line with her or so she thinks When Laurel's uicksilver moods get the better of her leading to an angry hot all together mind blowing kiss with Del—she'll have to uiet the doubts in her mind to turn a moment of passion into forever

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    Let's face it Addie's intervention didn't work and there is no stopping me now from finishing this crappy series I need to hit rock bottom before I will admit that I truly have a problem Besides it can still get better right? There's still one book after this one You never know There's hope I can have hope and not be a raging bad series finishing aholicOoo this place looks fun

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    Fell far below my expectationsI really had high hopes for this book given that the previous two installments of this series amazingly hit the mark for me But sadly as far as I can tell there was not much of a romantic spark between Delaney and Laurel here And frankly if there had been any chemistry between them it would have felt totally forcedNope I wasn’t pleasedThe romance

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    3 12 starsOnce again NR proves how good she is when it comes to write friendship Unfortunately that got in the way of the romance and I didn't connect with Del and Laurel's love story Del was a nice guy but too smooth and perfect to raise my temperature Laurel was a bit harsher than him but her bouts of temper felt forced to me because they were irrational and came out of nowhere

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    25 This book is difficult to rate because I both liked it and didn't It was an okay story overall and I liked the characters although I did get tired of Laurel at times Mostly though I got stuck on the snappy dialog that made everyone sound like characters out of a TV sit com or Rom Com movie Not only did everyone in the book respond with one or two word phrases but everyone sound

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    And yet another Nora Roberts winner in this amazing series And this time though it still revolved around the friendship between Mac Emma Laurel and Parker the story was mostly about the romance between life long friends Yes you’d think it was pretty much the same as in Bed of Roses between Emma and Jack but the thing is Laurel and Del Parker’s older brother have known and been

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    This is probably my least favorite installment into this series and my least favorite couple and I still really enjoy both the book and the couple Doesn’t that speak volumes of my love for the series?Laurel is an amazing pastry chef The wedding cakes she designs for her clients are beautiful enough to make angels weep and are always lovingly personalized to each couple Parker has

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    This book was neat I can't wait to listen to the last book

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    I love the way Nora Roberts crafts her characters You're sure to fall in love with them while they fall in love with each other This third installment of The Bride uartet doesn't disappoint in any way Del and Laurel verbally spar with each other and the dialogue snaps as you'll laugh at their witty comebacks at one anotherWhile Mac and Carter continue to be my favorite couple of this

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    #1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts cordially invites you to meet childhood friends Parker Emma Laurel and Mac — the founders of Vows one of Connecticut’s premier wedding planning companiesThis book revolves around the talented baker Laurel This series is fun a good book to read without putting too much thought into it It's cute and cheesy which everyone needs once in

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    3 12 starssigh I really wanted to love this one but I didn't I did like Del and Lauren but I didn't like the 'conflict' It was weak since she'd known him her whole life It felt like the author had to come up with something to make them 'have it out' before they got an HEA I am so looking forward to Parker and Mal's book We get to visit them a bit and this one and I kept wishing for this

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