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Code Name Princess SEAL and Code Name #6 The heroine in CODE NAME PRINCESS is the twin sister of the heroine from the first book but the girls are very different Summer is an FBI agent while Jess is a civilian Though Jess is only a few minutes younger than her sister Summer has always mothered and worried over Jess trying to take care of her The girls were put in the foster care system as teenagers but their paths diverged there with Jess having behavioral issues and being sent off to have them worked on That experience had a profound impact on her life and her character Hawk is a Navy SEAL recovering from broken ribs earned on his last mission and on a new mission to help rescue a very valuable stolen lab animal There was a side plotline about Hawk being given experimental drugs for his broken ribs which cause his hormones to go crazy likening him to a horny fifteen year old I thought this part of the story was a bit stupid and unrealistic and didn’t really contribute any worth to the story but others may disagree Jess finds herself thrown into the middle of Hawk’s mission and they part company than once only to have circumstances thrust them back together I loved both Jess and Hawk I don’t know people like Hawk in real life but I felt I got a look at how hard it would be to be involved with someone who can’t talk about his work or share his day with you Hawk has always been a loner indulging occasionally in casual sex but never in a real relationship and seeing him have to put his feelings and emotions aside to focus on his mission and his orders I could understand why he chose to live that way By the middle of the book I was in don’t want to put it down mode and last night even after taking Nyuil around 1030 I stayed up past midnight to finish the book While I felt the resolution was a little too drawn out it was very satisfying This was a faster paced engaging read I enjoyed the characters and their personalities immensely This pulled me in and didn't let go Great for passing time just don't lose track snuggling in or for the all nighter Interesting character action suspense emotions uirkiness strength and courage steaminess written very well and a great HEA Enjoyed and would read again I am definitely looking into reading the rest of this series I think my to read is getting too longNot Enough Time Enjoy Once again I've been sucked into the world of FBI Agents and Navy SEALS this time in Christina Skye's Code Name Princess As always Ms Skye's writing does not disappoint She weaves a mean tale with this one One of the underlying themes in the Code Name series is that there is always someone or something with some sort of genetic modification or psychic abilitiesThis time it's Princess a koala bear who is extremely special She's been kidnapped and Navy SEAL Hawk MacKenzie has been assigned to the detail track her down Add to the mix Jess Mulcahey Summer Mulcahey from Code Name Nanny's identical twin sister and you've got some fun Poor Jess is caught up in this and all she was trying to do was her job as a hotel investigatorMayhem ensues when storms hit Jess is threatened by disgruntled hotel staff and a myriad collection of other interesting things happens This book was hard to put down and the only reason I did was because I had to go to workAnother five star book by Christina Skye and one I definitely recommend This is about Jess Mulcahey twin to the FBI agentnanny of the previous book Jess is a hotel investigator and has bribed a hotel manager to bump another guest to see if he would take the bribe Unfortunately she bumps Navy SEAL Hawk MacKenzie on assignment to find a rare genetically altered albino koala Hawk is not happy to find her in his hotel room nor to have her hit him on his motorcycle later that night She has issues from her childhood claustrophobia and when they're stuck in an elevator they have wild sex to get her mind off of her phobia Hawk is on an experimental drug to heal broken ribs which makes him a hormonal 15 year old with a constant erection He keeps trying to get her out of the search area and harms way She manages to always end up in the thick of it Eventually they recover the koala and bad guys are rounded up Four months later she's pregnant but having problems and he finally gets leave to see her and proposesToo disjointed too many characters thrown in not enough reasons Why are they hunting the koala why is it SO special Too much too fast without explanation Over the top sex and drama I love this series This book may not have been as long as the first but it was just as action packed and totally engaging The characters were exciting and distinct from her others and I loved the familiar face A nice fairly uick read I enjoyed getting to know the characters and learning their back stories giving some this book some depth The story is peppered with action and a drfinite hot attraction For the most part I really enjoyed the book however I became a little confused towards the end Of the book There was a lot happening and I had to keep re reading to determine who was looking at who and talking to who A little mystery a little spice nice uick read and although I only gave it 3 stars I would read in this series of books Jess Mulcahey's life gets complicated in a hurray when she finds herself babysitting a top secret koala bear As Jess's world gets tossed into the whirlwind of Navy SEALS and ransom deadlines her best hope may be to hang on for the ride With CODE NAME PRINCESS Christina Skye features her signature blend of seduction and adventure that readers have come to love Exciting from page one This is a tricky book to review I liked things about it but there were some things I didn't like about it I think it's hard to review because a lot of the story was a bit muddled or something For one thing it jumped around to different characters points of view suddenly and without warning within chapters Also most of the action scenes caught me way off guard Like id be going along reading and all of the sudden they'd be in a bar brawl or a shoot out or something like that and I'd have to back up to make sure I was following correctly and they were actually in some kind of scuffle It's hard to explain but one minute they are just going along and then in the same type of tone an action scene begins so subtly that I almost miss it until I'm halfway through it It was just kind of odd Several of The action scenes were just well odd Like I said it's kind of hard to explain It wasn't horrible or anything I was just left scratching my head a bit after certain events would happen Maybe it's because the different scenes would happen from paragraph to paragraph and jump from the different points of view without warning that was making it seem muddled and confusing Also I didn't mind the romance at first I hate insta love and this author just barely danced the line but didn't uite cross it at first Yes they do have an insta lust situation but it seemed valid because I actually liked both characters and could actually see why they'd be drawn to each other I like her She does things in the book that actually contribute to the story She isn't the lame sit back while everyone does everything kind of girl She's caring and doesn't complain about every little thing She's good to go along with the flow for the most part So I liked that She wasn't a tiring unoriginal argumentative female character So that was good And he is a great bad ass type male I like him also But the end of the book was a bit disappointing Weirdly the insta love happens at the end of the book Don't get me wrong it ends well I do like a happy ending but it's just a bit too far fetched and cliche I just don't like a book where the characters are in love after only a handful of conversation Especially when the guy makes it clear that he isn't a relationship kind of guy Really? But then all of the sudden you are talking about being in love with someone you've known for a few days? It's a disconnect for me and makes him less believable as a character But the plot is original which I appreciate a lot And I did want to keep reading for the most part even though it got a little boring sometimes

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