Drake And Josh Chapter Book #3 Go Hollywood Teenick ePUB

Drake And Josh Chapter Book #3 Go Hollywood Teenick Wild child Drake and goody goody Josh are as different as two kids can be the only things they share are their families and their roomDrake and Josh are left home alone for 10 days and chaos ensues First they put Megan their kid sister on a plane bound for Los Angeles instead of Denver Then when they go looking for her they end up mixed up in a counterfeiting scheme stealing Tony Hawk's car guesting on MTV's TRL and of course flirting with cute girls The only uestion is how to get it all straightened out and still get home before their parents

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    This was an asume book aswell Its about the crazy brothers drake and josh but there in holleywood and what happens is that they assadentaly put magan in a wrong planeshe was gowing to a sleepover in sacramento to los angeles And magan its perfeclty good living there after she got the best hotel in the cityBut when drake and jos

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    Highly Recomended

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    I think the book was good because when you read the book before watch the movie you see what they leave out and see how bad the movie is

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    also a good book

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    Yes I'm doing day 3 of my Drake and Josh reading week on day 4 because I was so busy yesterdayThis is the only UK edition of any of these books Which means it's taller than the others and I DON'T LIKE ITAnyway The length of this book reminded me how short the actual movie is Although this book is just as amusing as the film it's based onMy only ualm is

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