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The Enormous Crocodile “It’s luscious it’s superIt’s muschious it’s duperIt’s better than rotten old fish You mash it and munch itYou chew it and crunch itIt’s lovely to hear it go suish”image error A great re readAnother short tale by the famous children's author Roald Dahl has me eager to review and spread the word This would be an ideal story for the likes of many children including Neo who loves a good bit of humour While lazing around one day in Africa the Enormous Crocodile tells his not so large friend that he yearns for some children to eat He is dismissed and told that there is no way he will be able to score such a delectable treat Off goes the Enormous Crocodile into the African jungles where he encounters many other animals and tells them of his fiendish plan Again he is dismissed but out of a worry for the innocent children From there it is up to the Enormous Crocodile to concoct the perfect plan to get these children into his belly Armed with the knowledge of the Enormous Crocodile's plan the jungle animals do all they can to foil it but will they be too late? A wonderfully amusing read for children and adults alike that keeps the reader on their toes throughoutDahl is a wonderful storyteller even if the tales can sometimes flirt with the edge of the macabre He utilises some of the wonderful things that children know about their surroundings and injects just enough 'spook' to keep children guessing Will the child be saved or has the Enormous Crocodile found a way to win again? Delightfully simple with a uiver full of laughable moments Roald Dahl level of writing is surely missed in modern children's storytellingKudos Mr Dahl for another wonderful story I hope to keep reading a collection of your work and finding new gems about which I can be proudLikehate the review? An ever growing collection of others appears at My four year old loved it Especially the bits where the croc is going to eat and munch all those sweet juicy children NOM NOM NOM NOM NOMI think this is just one of those things natural to all children who already feel like prey with all these nasty adults hanging around All of them want to eat you in a child's eyes It's only natural because they see the adults getting eaten by jobs and spouses and the death of their dreams so why not just imagine getting eaten by crocodiles too? It's NATURALThat being said this croc plays lots of nasty and cruel tricks in order to fill his belly but fortunately he happens to piss off most of the jungle creatures on his way to his playground meal ticketAlas Poor stupid croc And because this is A dahl tale it gets really weird Let's alter reality and turn it into an urban fantasy that winds up as a space opera shall we? Right OnI love BB So does my daughter it seems One of my childhood favourites that I was desperate to revisitIt's a simple fun story of an Enormous Crocodile on the hunt for some children to eat he believes each clever trick will prevail only to be foiled by various animals from the jungleOne of the best aspects of this picture book is the wonderful illustrations by uentin BlakeBoth Blake and Dahl fit so seamlessly togetherWhilst the story also features the Roly Polly Bird and Muggle Wump who would later feature in The Twits adds to the enjoyment It's the beginning of the year and somehow I find this the right time for some of Roald Dahl's stories Also I have uite some catching up to do since I missed out on them when I was a childThe story is the titular enormous crocodile who is a very nasty and evil croc that likes to eat children The animal lover in me doesn't like that very much because crocs much like sharks have far too bad a reputation which is why many are endangered Nevertheless this story is pretty old for one and I think the main reason the author chose a crocodile was it's outer appearance suitable for many disguises to get close to the unsuspecting children anywayThe story is about bullies and their ways of approaching victims and how watchful eyes and compassion from others can save the day not to mention that the bad croc gets what it deservesAs usual the story had the signature illustrations by uentin Blake only in this version they were coloured in not used to that my other books have the original black and white ones that I actually preferIt is clear that Roald Dahl is one of THE master storytellers for children and I always enjoy his stories very much no matter how short they are This is a short story about a very big and bad crocodile and some very lucky children In my edition it is lavishly illustrated by uentin Blake in a manner that brings out the nuances of Dahl’s storyDespite the discouragement of another and smaller crocodile the Enormous Crocodile has his stomach set on a meal of children who live in a village not far from the croc’s river The enormous one also has an inflated image of himself“I’m the bravest”“I’m the cleverest”“I have secret plans and clever tricks”After leaving the river he encounters a number of other animals whom he treats with contempt or tries to eat This will prove his undoing as they become determined to not let the children fall for any of his “tricks”The illustrations show how close the children come to being the croc’s meal over and over again Just a mite scary but most children will find it delightful I did a second reading with my soon to be six year old We stopped as the crocodile was making his way to the village where he hoped to eat several childrenThe next day she wanted to continue the story to the endThe following day I asked her if she liked the story and she said yesI also asked if she found it silly or scary She said both with a smile My year of Roald Dahl is still goingThe Enormous Crocodile loves to eat plump juicy little child and he wants to eat as many as he can But when the other animals in the jungle join together to put an end to this the Enormous Crocodile learns a lesson he won't soon forget This big crocodile is hungry for some children and has the perfect plan to get them or does he? He makes several other jungle animals very angry with him and they attempt to thwart his child eating ways This just goes to show if you are planning something evil do not monologueYouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading The Enormous Crocodile Roald Dahl The Enormous Crocodile is a 1978 children's story written by Roald Dahl The story begins in Africa in a large deep muddy river where the enormous crocodile the title character is telling a smaller crocodile known as the Not So Big One that he wants to eat children for his lunch The small crocodile objects because children taste nasty and bitter in his opinion compared to fish and because of what happened the last time the big crocodile tried to eat children The larger crocodile leaves the big brown muddy river anyway and announces his intention to Humpy Rumpy the hippopotamus Trunky the elephant Muggle Wump the monkey and the Roly Poly Bird The animals insult him and hope that he will fail miserably and will himself be killed and eaten after which the big crocodile briefly and unsuccessfully attacks Muggle Wump and the Roly Poly Bird First of all the crocodile heads to a coconut tree forest not far away from a town and disguises himself as a small coconut tree with branches and coconuts hoping to eat a pair of children Toto and Mary but is exposed by Humpy Rumpy Next the crocodile heads to a children's playground located outside an ancient school building and disguises himself as a see saw with the help of a large piece wood hoping to eat a whole class of children but is exposed by Muggle Wump Then the crocodile heads to a funfair and when nobody is looking he disguises himself as a wooden crocodile on a merry go round by sandwiching himself between a brown lion and a yellow dragon with a pink red tongue sticking out of its mouth hoping to eat a young girl named Jill who wants to ride on him but is exposed by the Roly Poly Bird Last of all the crocodile heads to a picnic place just outside the town When nobody is looking the crocodile himself picks a bunch of colorful flowers and arranges it on one of the tables before from exactly the same table taking away one of the benches and hiding it in the bushes and then disguising himself as a long wooden four legged bench hoping to eat four children who are going out on a picnic but is exposed by Trunky تاریخ نخستین خوانش روز چهاردهم ماه آگوست سال 2004 میلادیعنوان تمساح غول پیکر؛ نویسنده رولد دال؛ مترجم محبوبه نجف‌خانی؛ تهران، نشر افق؛ 1382؛ چاپ سیزدهم 1397؛ در 64ص؛ شابک 9789643690830؛ موضوع داستانهای کودکان از نویسندگان بریتانیایی سده 20معنوان تمساح غول پیکر؛ نویسنده رولد دال مترجم فرشته توانگر؛ ناشر نشر مرکز؛ 1385؛ در 32ص؛ مترجمین دیگری نیز این کتاب را ترجمه کرده اندهیچ وقت سیر نمیشم، مگر این که سه تا بچه آبدار رو درسته قورت بدم تمساح غول پیکر شکموترین جانور در سر تا سر جنگل است که عاشق خوردن بچه‌هاست او از آن خالی بندهای نابکار است که خیال می‌کند با نقشه های پنهانی و کلک‌های زیرکانه‌ اش، راست راستی هوش سرشاری دارد؛ اما او به اندازه ی دیگر حیوانات جنگل، باهوش نیست؛ آن‌ها تصمیم دارند کلک‌های او را نقش بر آب کنند و به او درسی بدهند که هیچ وقت از یادش نرود؛ به گفته خود نویسنده، تمساح غول پیکر، بهترین داستانی است که او برای بچه‌ ها نوشته استنقل از متن در بزرگترین و گل آلودترین رودخانه ی آفریقا، دو تمساح سرهای شان را از آب بیرون آورده بودند؛ یکی از آن دو غول پیکر بود؛ امّا آن یکی زیاد بزرگ نبود؛ تمساح غول پیکر پرسید «میدانی امروز دلم میخواهد ناهار چی بخورم؟»؛ آن یکی که زیاد بزرگ نبود، گفت «نه؛ دلت میخواهد چی بخوری؟»؛ تمساح غول پیکر خندید و با این کار صدها دندان سفید و تیزش را نشان داد و گفت «برای ناهار امروز، دلم میخواهد یک بچّه ی چرب و چیلی و آبدار بخورم»؛ آن یکی که زیاد بزرگ نبود، گفت «من هیچ وقت بچّه ها را نمیخورم؛ من فقط ماهی میخورم»؛ تمساح غول پیکر فریاد «هه هه هه مطمئنم اگر همین الان یک بچّه ی چاق و چلّه آن طرف رودخانه شنا میکرد، میپریدی و یک لقمه ی چپش میکردی»؛ آن که زیاد بزرگ نبود، گفت «نه، این کار را نمیکردم؛ گوشت بچّه ها مثل سنگ سفت است؛ بچّه ها تلخ و بدمزه اند»؛ تمساح غول پیکر گفت «مثل سنگ سفت است تلخ و بدمزه اند چه قدر چرند میگویی آنها خیلی هم چرب و نرم و خوشمزه اند»؛ آن یکی که زیاد بزرگ نبود، گفت «تلخ و بدمزه اند؛ باید رویشان شکر پاشید تا از گلو بروند پایین»؛ تمساح غول پیکر گفت «بچّه ها از ماهیها بزرگترند؛ یک پرس غذای بیشتر گیرت میآید»؛آن یکی که زیاد بزرگ نبود، گفت « تو خیلی شکمویی تو شکموترین تمساح این رودخانه ای»؛ تمساح غول پیکر گفت «من شجاعترین تمساح این رودخانه ام؛ من تنها تمساحی هستم که جرئت میکند پایش را از رودخانه بگذارد بیرون و از توی جنگل برود به شهر و دنبال بچّه ها بگردد و آنها را بخورد»؛ آن یکی که زیاد بزرگ نبود، گفت «یکبار اینکار را کرده ای؛ امّا نتیجه اش چه شد؟ بچّه ها با دیدنت پا گذاشتند به فرار»؛ تمساح غول پیکر گفت «آه، امّا امروز که بروم، اصلاً مرا نمی بینند»؛ پایان نقلتاریخ بهنگام رسانی 16041399هجری خورشیدی؛ ا شربیانی The Enormous Crocodile is incredibly hungry and incredibly greedy His favorite meal is a plump juicy little child and he intends to gobble up as many of them as he can But when the other animals in the jungle join together to put an end to his nasty schemes the Enormous Crocodile learns a lesson he won't soon forget Dahl's wicked humor is as delightful as ever in this new larger edition of a hilarious favorite Illustrated by uentin Blake

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Roald Dahl was a British novelist short story writer and screenwriter of Norwegian descent who rose to prominence in the 1940's with works for both children and adults and became one of the world's bestselling authorsDahl's first published work inspired by a meeting with C S Forester was Shot Down Over Libya Today the story is published as A Piece of Cake The story about his wartime adv

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