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Barack and Michelle Portrait of an American Marriage In Barack and Michelle America’s First Couple is scrutinized in stirring detail by Christopher Andersen author of thirteen New York Times bestsellers including Jack and Jackie Somewhere in Heaven and the phenomenal #1 New York Times bestsellers The Day Diana Died and The Day John Died Subtitled Portrait of an American Marriage here is the first in depth look at the popular US President and his beautiful brilliant and stylish First Lady Andersen already internationally acclaimed for his intimate portraits of the Kennedys Bushs and Clintons now celebrates the uniue union of President and Mrs Obama with Barack and Michelle shedding fascinating light on a romantic relationship and a political destiny like no other  No matter who you voted for I believe it is important to know who is the President I learned some interesting things about the President and his wife that I didn't know I didn't know that Michelle's dad had MS and that she had an older brother who was a basketball coach I didn't know that they had a huge amount of debt not too long ago I didn't realize how many books he had written I didn't know he was the President of the Harvard Law ReviewI found it interesting and a uick read I was looking for a book about Michelle Obama in the library but somebody else had borrowed it so I borrowed this oneThis book showed the realistic side of the Obamas and their life It was very heart warming to read about their childhoods and how they met It was also eye opening to read about their personal struggles and faults and how they conuered themI always knew that Michelle Obama has worked hard throughout her whole life but this book showed how hardworking she both of them really is even I am very inspired by her to study even harder when I get the chanceI did not know that Obama is a two time Grammy winner Somewhat breezy account of each person then their life together Interesting as background info I learned a lot about the Obama's from this book I think the book is an inspiration to anyone who has big dreamsif you set your mind to it you can do it The author could have left out some things to focus on the relationship The story of their wedding was a pageI would have liked to know about those days and the birth not their children as opposed to so much involving just the political aspect Overall I enjoyed the bookalthough informative than enjoyable if I wasn`t a groupie before I certainly am now Lots of behinf the scenes info on the plans leading to the white House Some things repeatative if you read Obama`s first book when it describes his childhood and college yrs but all of the stuff about Michell was new to me WAHT and AMAzING WOMAN And what a creat couple Tells about their good times and bad difficulties struggle of strong personalities a story of REAL people who just happen to be the President and First Lady too Behind every great man there is an even greater woman Really liked the book and how it portraits the First Black African American Couple It revealed me that showing your vulnerabilities can make you pleasant than being always strong I really enjoyed this book I never get enough of the Obama's I think the fact that I read this book might indicate that I am of a Fan than a thoughtful responsible American voter But I've resisted celebby books about just Barack who is after all the Man in Charge though not his own books about himself SWOON I think I'm fascinated by people who live their marriages along with the rest of their lives in an intense spotlight and still appear to be functional AND functionally together I get tricked into thinking that anyone let alone an unauthorized hound like Andersen can get into any marriage and explicate it to me But Mr Andersen if you want to do Tim and Faith fool me twice shame on me Very interestingProbably one of the few books I've read that seems very down to earth Would recommend highly to anyone interested in getting to know these two people

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Librarian’s note There is than one author in the Goodreads database with this nameChristopher Peter Andersen is an American journalist and the author of 32 books including many bestsellers A graduate of the University of California at Berkeley Andersen joined the staff of Time Magazine as a contributing editor in 1969 From 1974 to 1986 Andersen was senior editor of Time Incorporated's P

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