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The Undrowned Child Teodora has always longed to visit Venice And at last she has her chance But strange and sinister things are afoot in the beautiful floating cityTeo is uickly subsumed into a secret world in which salty tongued mermaids run subversive printing presses ghosts good and bad patrol the streets statues speak rats read and librarians turn fluidly into cats And where a book The Key to the Secret City leads Teo straight into the heart of the danger that threatens to destroy the city to which she feels she belongsAn ancient proverb seems to unite Teo with a Venetian boy Renzo and with the Traitor who has returned from the dark past to wreak revenge But who is the undrowned child destined to save Venice

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    All her life Teodora has wanted to visit Venice but her adoptive parents have always resisted Now Venice is sinking faster than ever before and strange things are stirring and her scienti

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    This is definitely a book bursting with invention and the prose style is perfect for the setting though I could have done without some of the winks to adult readers about the Biennial I'll

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    Take one adopted child call Teodora add a cursed city under siege from vindictive ghosts seeking revenge a huge monster slowly coming awake under the Venice lagoon cannibal seagulls anti es

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    Back in March I ran into this book during a children's and YA book sale I won't lie this book has the most beautiful cover art of any book I've ever seen and that would be one hundred percen

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    MontanaLibrary2GoIt just wasn't very good Lots of good ideas not executed well Far too much crammed in Take Teo for example She's the Undrowned Child the Lost Daughter she can see people's wo

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    This was a disappointment Apparently all scientists are unimaginative rational and unable to appreciate art mood or atmosphere Being rational is intrinsically bad also Perhaps Ms Lovric should

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    Glorious depiction of a fantastical Venice I've been there in the floods and felt its dark undercurrents so this felt true in many ways Enjoyable read with lots of little details that will fasc

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    Overall Review What a lovely exciting and thorough story By the time I finished this book I felt like it could be possible for me to walk through Venice and name every building I saw I loved the

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    At first glance this book seemed like it was written for me Magic mystery and mermaids in an alternate Venice of 1899 What could be better? Unfortunately there was simply too much going on in thi

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    At first it looked like this book had EVERYTHING I picked it up in the library saw the cover read it was about MERMAIDS and Venice and magic and dark stuff had a love story and an awesome heroine

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