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Ignorant Souls Buck Johnson was forced to make something out of nothing He has witnessed and experienced the most cruel events and situations in his life Those events led up to the man that he has become and his family will suffer as a result They say ignorance is bliss, the Johnson family has been the epitome of ignorance due to life s circumstances, but one day change will come Will it be too late for the Johnson family How will they make the adjustment in a civilized world ☂ Seme mraka PDF / Epub ✐ Author Iva Kolega – Lavons.co.uk the Johnson family has been the epitome of ignorance due to life s circumstances [PDF / Epub] ✈ Someday Maybe (Definitely Maybe, ☀ Ophelia London – Lavons.co.uk but one day change will come Will it be too late for the Johnson family How will they make the adjustment in a civilized world

About the Author: Richard Jeanty

Captivating the mind with spellbinding, provocative and ingenious storytelling, author publisher Richard Jeanty is a master craftsman and tireless crusader in the burgeoning arena of urban literature, as well as in life Founder and President of his own RJ Publications, Jeanty turns words into vivid images, painting well formed characters that compel the reader to become involved in their sagas.The prolific New York City based contemporary wordsmith and visionary founded his publishing company to both publish his own works and to provide an invaluable conduit for talented writers of color to have their works published He provides encouragement and support to his fellow writers, assisting them with stretching their creative souls and making their own indelible mark on the literary landscape Says Jeanty, I want to give each author or artist the exposure they deserve Social activist as much as he is a literary crusader, Jeanty s mission is to foster change in people and society as a whole That is always his motivation in all his undertakings Jeanty s most meaningful project tackled police brutality and the devastating state of black men in his release of The Most Dangerous Gang in America The NYPD In a short span of five years, Jeanty has written 10 books and published over a dozen written by other authors Prolific is an understatement as it relates to him Always the innovator, Jeanty finds ways to bring freshness to every story.While attending the University of Massachusetts, Richard discovered his passion for prose He initially pursued a career as a social worker in the Boston metropolitan area, then later served as the academic coordinator for Boston University s Upward Bound Program However, due to his unique, narrative writing style, laced with bursts of cinematic flair, Richard s professors urged him to focus his considerable talents on writing while attending graduate school.Shortly after earning his B.A and moving to New York City, Jeanty began to teach at Morris High School in the Bronx, also working for the Department of Social Services Administration for Children s Services Richard also worked as a Program Director at The Hudson Guild in New York City helping underprivileged kids.Richard has always been and still is dedicated to helping underprivileged children and their families I was brought up in an abusive surrounding as ayoung child and was on my own at fourteen, says Jeanty My life serves as a solid foundation for what RJ Publications signifies Nothing but my sheer determination and will pushed me to succeed.

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    Excellent prequel, recommended to everyone who enjoyed Neglected Souls and Neglected No More It really provides an introspective look into what underlying problems caused the dysfunction that gripped the entire Johnson household Full review to be posted on .

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    Excellent readI don t know what took me so long to find the book of the summer but I did and it did not disappoint the trilogy kept my mind busy thank you

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