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Southern Kingdom One hears over and again that we are living in modern times Since the day the first man walked the earth through this day man has always lived in modern times From the dawn of the ages when Eve was deceived by the serpent and ate the forbidden fruit to be like God through today when men and women are eager to strike a deal with the devil to gain power and wealth human nature has not changedThe setting for Southern Kingdom is the nineteenth century; however its theme is as ageless as the rising and setting of the sun Ambition anger bravery cowardice greed hate love lust selfishness and the struggle to survive are timeless This novel chronicles the life – and the lives of the people his life affects – of a man who allows those forces to blacken his heart and empty his soulAdam Blythington relocates to America with the ambition of buying cheap land in the defeated south and living the life of a country suire In only a few years with the aid of a corrupt land speculator he finds himself the owner of two vast plantations When he acuires his first plantation Hannah LeBlanc the beautiful and sensuous housekeeper offers herself as his mistressAlthough he marries the beautiful daughter of a wealthy landowner for convention’s sake and has an affair with his brother in law’s wife Hannah remains steadfastly loyal to him Together they forge the future of his empire Southern Kingdom They ruthlessly battle anyone even resorting to murder who threatens their dream of wealth and powerAlthough he amasses land riches and power the gratification he desired remains elusive He ultimately sacrifices his marriage his children and Hannah along with his only hope of happiness to his god

About the Author: Don Stanford

Following his discharge from the army Don attended the University of Southwestern Louisiana now University of Louisiana Lafayette; then worked in several fields until beginning his career with the State of Louisiana retiring as public relations manager for the Office of Child Support He is married to Carol Richard Stanford and they reside near Opelousas Louisiana and are the parents of three

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    This book gives a beautiful insight to the era of southern plantationsA time when there was racial injustice and the civil war era that brought about many rich men of sugar plantations and cotton plantations The author describes the city and surronding area in great detail and puts you back in a time of days of oldHighly recommend

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    i stopped on 331 the book just really wasn't going anywhere and i found him to be increasingly childish and unresponsive and i just don't like that in a character i thought he would've changed but no

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