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Business Essentials For Introduction to Business courses This #1 brief Introduction to Business text continues to provide a solid foundation of the essential topics a beginning business student needs to understand The 7th edition was revised with updated content a modern design and engaging media for today's students Media can be found in myBIZlab an online system which provides students with extensive online resources assessment and actual interaction with business topics

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    Downgrade the star rating by a half Note I read this as a Human Resources Management student someone coming from a non business background The information presented is excellent and the cases relevant and fresh Unfortunately I found the layout to be choppy and distracting; in an effort to make the book interesting someone copy editor

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    A good introduction to the essential components of a business Very high level perfect for a beginner like me Gets pretty dry in the late accounting chapters I mean it's a textbook

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    Read for class informational

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    Finally it's done I must admit that despite a great level of detail that made getting through the book fairly difficult it presented a good survey of business princes and provided a good intro into the study The book used many examples sometimes too many?? which added to the readers' understanding All of that being said it is a textbook

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    This was my text for Intro to Business at MCCC It has many examples using modern companies and while it didn't get into great depth in any subjectit did a great job giving you an intro to many Business ideas It was very educational and I'm glad I had the opportunity to read it

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    reading for school boring as hell and pro big business globalization ahhhhhhh paperclips on the front cover why???i've never been so glad to finish a goddamn book goddamn

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    I hate text books but these are all I'm reading lately

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    It's a very basic primer to business Obviously not written by business people though

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    A reuired textbook for school Overall it wasn't bad but it was a little dry and seemed to glaze over several important topics while go very in depth for easy concepts like sustainability

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    Read for a college course through AMU

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