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Teach Me Teach Me invites readers inside an experience that fascinates everyone— An affair between a teacher and student —and gives an up close and personal answer to the uestion How does this happenThe hardcover edition of Teach Me was a Booksense Fall 2006 Kid’s Pick a TeenReadscom Best Book of 2005 and a selection for the 2006 NYPL Books for the Teen Age

About the Author: R.A. Nelson

RA Nelson's work was selected as a finalist for National Public Radio's list of the Best Young Adult Fiction Ever Written He was chosen a Horn Book Newcomer and his books have been nominated to the YALSA Best Books for Young Adults list and recognized by the Parents' Choice Awards the New York Public Library Books for the Teen Age list Booksense Kid Picks the Miami Herald Best Books of the

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    Wow What an intense story Certainly one of the most memorable YA novels I've read lately And kudos to RA Nelson for channeling a high school girl so well Have I not checked out the author's website I would have never guessed the book was written by a manTeach Me is a story of a love affair between a high school senior Carolina Nine and her poetry teacher Mr Mann Carolina is an excellent students who plans to st

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    What happens when a teacher ends a love affair with his student? She goes batshit crazy But not in a way that's at all interesting or entertaining or even particularly sympathetic

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    I'm sorry I try to avoid saying it when I can but this book was terrible Completely disappointing because at the beginning I thought it had a lot of potential but it was completely rushed and unbelievable and at the end completely crazyPoints of interest1 The writing style from the beginning was odd It felt very unfinished and even frantic when what we needed was some sort of clarity I'm not sure it was smart to start in the m

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    Maybe I am just too old but I really didn't like this book at all I force myself to read all the way to the end of any book I start because I feel like you really never know but at the end of this book I just wished I had a time machine to go back before I bought it I think that yes obviously when you write a book it is going to reflect your personally somewhat but while I was reading this book I couldn't help but feeling like the aut

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    Last night when I was finishedI thought maybe 2 or 3 stars but the it sits with me the I find myself thinking about it All I do know is that the writers words are the bulk of this 4 stars The heartbreak and complete unraveling of Nine made me ache Did I think a seventeen year old would have much of this dialogue with themselves? No I don't However Nine is articulate introspective than most seventeen year olds Plus her feelings of first lo

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    This book is a must read for anyone who has experienced an overpowering out of the universe crush on a High School teacher Unless you have an abnormally profound passion for Astronomy the intensity of a teenage girl’s emotional spectrum or simply like the idea of Emily Dickinson on Seville Marmalade I would probably not recommend you to read this book and rather run screaming to Mongolia Fortunately I think most of us can relate to that High School

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    Carolina Nine Livingstone an apt name for the daughter of a physicist takes a poetry unit for her last semester of high school thinking it will give her a broader scope on life It does that all right For while Nine has plenty of smarts she's not so accomplished when it comes to relationships Nine falls for the new poetry teacher hard and fast and it isn't long until Mr Mann begins to respond to Nine's hankering to be taughtWhat surprised me when I picked thi

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    Novels about teacherstudent affairs always both repulse intrigue me especially YA novels The first one I read was Gone by Kathleen Jeffrie Johnson about a post graduation summer fling between a male senior and his pretty young former teacher The story was crushingly sad overtly sexual it had an overall half baked feeling to it unable to compensate for such a disturbing depressing story with stellar writing Teach Me reverses the genders sets the story during the scho

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    See I enjoyed this and felt it was well written but the resolution at the end was just way to abrupt

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    Every once in awhile I allow myself the luxury of writing a short review This is one of those timesRA Nelson's Teach Me starts out smarter than the YA level that it seems hellbent on lowering itself to Nelson does an excellent job at the outset capturing the mindset of a nerdy gawky high school girl who has fallen in love with her English teacher The book seems credible up to and slightly beyond the point where the affair is consummated but then becomes annoying in the second half

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