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Waterfalls of the Moon Eh, although it did keep my interest enough to finish it, it s hard to get really into this kind of older HP The heroine is immature and scheming she d be the evil OW in any modern story And she doesn t really change over the course of the novel the happy ending is basically that her scheming works and she keeps her man The story wasn t boring at all, just not very satisfying as a romance.Also, I have to say that as a fantasy I don t really like these older HPs where the hero isn t rich Realism has its place, but I don t like stories where the happy ending is that the heroine is a frugal housewife who lives in some unfamiliar, pretty uncomfortable place where she knows no one, but it s all ok because she has her man Not exactly my fantasy happy ending. Ruth met Patrick, a scientist working in a remote, primitive area in Venezuela, while staying at her friend s parents home for the weekend He was the cousin to her friend s father and significantly older than she was She took one look at him and decided that she wanted him Then she did all that she could to gain his attention and to trick him into marrying her, against his will After marriage she travelled to Venezuela to be with him and he soon found her out that she lied and tricked him into marriage Understandably, he was angry, however his treatment of her bordered on cruelty He refused to let her return home and kept her with him to be a whipping boy for his anger It wasn t until a traumatic event at the end of the book that he realized what he had done and what wage almost lost In spite of my sympathies for her, Ruth was damned annoying She acted like a spoiled child who wanted something that she couldn t have and did every sneaky thing she could to get it She annoyed the hell out of me for the first half of the book, but then she was forced to grow up and deal with her husband s harsh cruelties That was when I began to sympathize with her I didn t like Patrick for most of the book I felt bad for him at times, but he ran so hit and cold that I would have ran away from his bipolar behavior I can t even say he made the book interesting I found Ruth s father and John a helluva lot interesting Still, it was a wonderful read As annoyed as I was with the characters, I still could not walk away from the story I needed to know what happened and how it all became resolved Well worth the time. I enjoyed it First time I read about a rich devious heroine trying to marry poor hero by lying and deceiving him But hey she loved him truly and obsessively so I can t blame her This book was totally amazing The fact that is kept me so glued to it, not wanting to miss any factor surprised me I thought it was going to be an old school HP that wouldn t rate past three stars from the description given but it was so great I loved it I feel like I read a completely different book from the other reviewers because I felt wow that was an awful story there was nothing likeable about the Hero and they never had one nice moment together in the whole book except in the epilogue.which to me is too late no romance , no communication, she tricks him into marrying her , he decides never to live with her as a real couple..he never even takes her out on a date.he just wants her to pretend in public they are happy for months then when another man wants to take her out he decides to take her on a picnic bla bla bla stuff happens he never visits her in hospital she leaves hospital in the middle of the night and has to go find him walking home in her bare feet after a miscarriage..I think not If I were her I would have gone home with her father a man who flew to her rescue and he wanted to take her home to UK for a break..and start her life again hopefully meet a new guy I d be like.yeah no luggage Dad lets go this one was better than the last i read what ruth did was really unforgivable she trapped patrick into marriage, this is actually what the evil OW does in other books lol ruth had it in her 2 do it bcoz she was a spoiled child, she had 2 have patrick n she had him she behaved ruthlessly n she did get payback at the end though i can t say if she deserved it or not bcoz i felt torn abt her she really was mad 4 patrick, insanely in love she did what she had 2 gain the man she loves n i admire dat if u want 2 read the book s modern version, try The Millionaire s Marriage, which is a fav of mine Patrick had warned her If you marry me there s no going back If you decide you don t like Venezuela, I doubt if I could ever bear to let you go Our marriage is a contract, and our commitment to that marriage can be based on nothing less than a lifetime But that was before he knew that Ruth had tricked him into marrying her had made him feel like a fool.Now what future could they possibly have together ➮ [Read] ➪ The Language of Music By Tom Brooks ➺ – Lavons.co.uk I doubt if I could ever bear to let you go Our marriage is a contract [Reading] ➶ A Colour Atlas Of Human Anatomy ➽ Robert M.H. McMinn – Lavons.co.uk and our commitment to that marriage can be based on nothing less than a lifetime But that was before he knew that Ruth had tricked him into marrying her had made him feel like a fool.Now what future could they possibly have together Mathers older booksI loved this book Old school romance A romance book doesn t always has to be about the over the top sex scenes, but about the hero and heroines feelings for eachother and the developing of their mutal love. Patrick met Ruth while on vacation from his job in Venezuela They immediately shared an attraction and after he is convinced they slept together, Ruth claims pregnancy When he finds out the truth, he is furious, not knowing how easily Ruth can conceive 13

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Mildred Grieveson was born on October 10, 1946 in England She had written all through her infant and junior years and on into her teens, the stories changing from children s adventures to torrid gypsy passions Her mother used to gather these up from time to time, when her bedroom became too untidy, and dispose of them Mildred has always wanted to write which is not to say she has always wanted