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Alter Ego Avatars and their Creators Photographer Robbie Cooper's Alter Ego explores personal and social identities being shaped in the metaverse at the beginning of the twenty first century Portraits of online gamers and virtual world participants from America Asia and Europe are paired with images of their avatars with profiles of their real world and virtual characters The book is both an entertainment and a serious look at a phenomenon that is shaping the future of human interaction With an introduction by Julian Dibbell and interviews and a glossary by Tracy Spaight

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    I saw the article in the NYT magazine about the book basically just a photo spread of people and their avatars from online gaming which I don't really participate inbut do think is an interesting study of identity and how people choose to seepresent themselves in performing their livesIt was very insightful sometimes distressing in the degree to which some folks seemed

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    Would be uite interesting to read an updated version regarding the 2010s

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    At first glance Robbie Cooper's Alter Ego Avatar and Their Creators 2007 is fundamentally a coffee table book large non standard size glossy photos high uality paper and a really interesting topic But it's also than thatWith the unprecedented popularity of massively multiplayer online role playing games MMORPG like Second Life and World of Warcraft avatars the customized computerized

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    Contrary to a review I had read for this book it is not really a scholarly treatment of the topic; nevertheless it is insightful and entertaining for those of us who do not participate in 'massively multiplayer online games' or MMOs such as Second Life World of Warcraft Everuest etc The book profiles an international cast from all walks of life who game anywhere from 8 to 80 hours a week I wa

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    What a cool concept This is a book that shows pictures of people and the avatars they created online It includes some basic facts about each pair and includes an excerpt of the person talking about their avatar their relationship to gaming gaming in general etc Totally fascinating Sometimes the avatars look identical to their creators Sometimes they look completely different And that's pretty much al

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    This book is pure coffee table stuff great images and juxtapositions that get us digital narrative scholars all excited It's a perfectly simple premise with pictures of various folks juxtaposed with pictures of their avatars It's particularly interesting to see who essentially or in some cases exactly recreated themselves and who is enjoying living out a virtual fantasy with little parallel to self I found m

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    A fun book that shows people and their avatars from all over the world spanning lots of different synthetic worlds including Eve Everuest Second Life World of Warcraft City of Heroes and lots of other games Very well done with gorgeous photography really shows the breadth of players from all over Asia the Americas and Europe that inhabit these spaces and for such a wide variety of motivations It also shows that they

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    This book is exactly what the title says it is A photo and profile of a person on one side and a photo and story of their avatar on the other Some people were a bit weird but most seemed like normal folk who just liked interacting in virtual space where they are judged on personality rather than superficiality Having no firsthand knowledge of RPGs this book satiated some curiosity

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    A nice book showing people alongside their avatars in games such as World of Warcraft City of Heroes and Second Life Pretty fascinating My only caution is to space out your reading Trying to go through too many in one go makes them all start to stream together

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    This book is interesting as a look at identity how people portray themselves in online gaming spaces where they spend significant amounts of time but also for capturing a specific moment in Internet history

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