Highly Effective Networking Meet the Right People and Get

Highly Effective Networking Meet the Right People and Get a Great Job Networking helped me get this job so I decided to learn about how to communicate its effectiveness to others by reading this bookI liked the book and I think the author clearly communicates excellent tips on networking and how to structure a networking based job search effort This book took me a while to get through but I think it offered some useful tips and strategies for networking specifically in those of us looking for a new job I do like how Mr Pierson broke down his advice and recommended a highly planned approach However by the end of the book all of the steps seemed a bit overwhelming at least for me Also the examples throughout the book were kind of hokey and could be improved And honestly I completely skipped over the “Orville’s Journal” vignettes at the end of each chapter so I’m not sure if they are useful or not Still if you are looking for a job and looking to improve your networking skills this book may be worth reading Virtually all job hunting experts agree that networking is the best way to find a great job But most people don't have connections to the decision makers who do the hiring And networking books which are mostly written by and for salespeople suggest aggressive tactics often confusing these with real networking They focus on building a powerful network over the course of a lifetime But when you need a new job you don't have time to build a huge powerful network You've got to use the network you already haveOrville Pierson a top expert in job hunting tells you how to succeed by effectively using your current circle of contacts He cuts through the myths and misunderstandings to show you how millions of job hunters have networked their way to great new jobs Highly Effective Networking empowers you to Use a small network to reach dozens of insiders and decision makers Get the right message to the right people even if you have never met them Create a project plan to organize your networking efforts Speak effectively and comfortably with your networking contacts Talk to decision makers before the job opening is announcedNetworking in job hunting is different than other networking You don't have to hobnob with the rich and famous There's no need for aggressive sales tactics You just need to understand how real networking fits into your job search and then be systematic about doing it Reach Out Make Contact Land a JobOrville Pierson is the senior vice president of an international career services company so he clearly knows about job hunting He lucidly illustrates how job seekers can maximize the relationships within their circle of contacts to reach all important “decision makers” He also directs readers to unlikely networking sources they might not normally consider Pierson explains that when it comes to job hunting the Internet is both a blessing and a curse Although the Web may expose a job hunter to opportunities odds are that any given résumé – along with thousands of others – can get swallowed up in a bottomless pit The prospects are nearly as grim with print or online classified ads – particularly when job competition is fierce Networking Pierson says may offer the best opportunity to find work or career advancement Many people have landed good jobs by initiating conversations with friends casual acuaintances or former colleagues getAbstract praises Pierson’s systematic strategic approach to networking As he says it doesn’t guarantee results – and it does reuire time and perseverance – but today’s job seekers need every available weapon I've been interested in 'networking' and a previous book I read mentioned this oneI was hoping for information about networking as a general life skill and not so much focus on networking to find employmentI suppose those out there who are looking for strategies to help in the job hunt might find this a useful bookOutside of that arenanot much use Someone in a networking group of all places recommended this to everyone so here I am reading it So far meh but I'm holding out for the lightbulb moment in this one Edit since I finished this There is simply just way too much to remember in this book to do anything let alone network effectively And could he have just tried a little to make those side stories a bit believable? I did get the gist of it and he made some good points but if say I was a total novice at networking I would not recommend this book Normally I wouldn't read a book like this but many people I know need jobs and looking back I realized most of my job offers were initiated by friends relatives and coworkers My main take away was that our networks are larger than we think Following the author's hints and suggestions we can non intrusively help ourselves and our contacts A lot of practical helpful advice for a job hunter how to network properly in a productive manner I will say that the first person narrative and the style it's written in got on my nerves I would have appreciated some tougher editing to buff his style and cut down on the repetitiveness This was recommended to me by a career counselor because I find the concept of networking pretty strange The book was helpful because it focuses on having conversations that exchange information instead of the pushy sales oriented stuff I've heard in the past He presents it in the formulaic business concept method but the core of the book was useful Highly pragmatic book that contains many valuable tips and tricks on how to leverage your networks to land your desired job

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