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Sea Swept The first novel in #1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts' stunning Chesapeake Bay Saga where the uinn brothers must return to their family home on the Maryland shore to honor their father's last reuestA champion boat racer Cameron uinn traveled the world spending his winnings on champagne and women But when his dying father calls him home to care for Seth a troubled young boy not unlike Cameron once was his life changes overnightAfter years of independence Cameron has to learn to live with his brothers again while he struggles with cooking cleaning and caring for a difficult boy Old rivalries and new resentments flare between Cameron and his brothers but they try to put aside their differences for Seth’s sake In the end a social worker will decide Seth’s fate and as tough as she is beautiful she has the power to bring the uinns together—or tear them apartDon't miss the other books in the Chesapeake Bay SagaRising TidesInner HarborChesapeake Blue

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    What is it about Nora Roberts' uinn brothers that makes them so special? They're rough and tumble they swear a lot they like to be in charge they're all good looking But I think it's the fact that they were once all troubled boys who were saved by two good people who instilled in them a sense of family love and loyalty that lasted even when they were grown and their adopted

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    25I'm giving up on becoming an official Nora Roberts fan It's a shame since I have tons of her books waiting to be read adorning the shelves and I know she's a popular and prolific writer who dishes out so many books per year witchcraft may actually be involvedI'll bring up my main issue and why it's a lower rating before getting to the positives of the storyThe social worke

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    35 starsA nice read but nothing overwhelming I think the reason that this did not wow me is that it didn't have the suspensemystery element that that other books that I have read by her had A champion boat racer Cameron uinn traveled the world spending his winnings on champagne and women But when his dying father called him home to care for Seth a troubled young boy not unli

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    DNF for the second time At least now I reached almost 90% before giving up It's not bad but I really can't get over the heroine screwing one of her 'cases' very unprofessional unethical and the complete lack of tension between them Not sexual tension there was tons of that but conflict I mean it's a story of boy meets girl girl likes boy they start dating having sex and then r

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    Final rating 55 starsFinal rating for the whole series 454755 starsThis is the second book I've read from Nora Roberts and I was not disappointed Whenever I saw Nora's books in the bookstore my first thought was murder case Not saying that all her books are about murder cases but somehow i have that luck of picking up every single one with a killer in it This time it's differen

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    Reviewed for THC ReviewsUntil now I had never read a Nora Robert's book Yeah I know how can I a self proclaimed romance junkie not have read any books from the ueen of the romance genre? Honestly I don't know but now I've rectified that with Sea Swept the first in her Chesapeake Bay Saga I'd heard wonderful things about this series so I thought it would be a great one to start m

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    The main thing I object is cliché Am I that stupid? Yes I am I really enjoy romances uick light fix of alpha male and alpha female just it’s hard to find an intelligent romance But it is Most of them are so badly written that every time when I see so many 5 stars I think about the readers and the old lady and her cats metaphor Don't you have any whatsoever criteria if you rate

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    A decent story and a fun setting but I really hated the romance in this one Roberts is good and this one was written in the late 90s and that's about the time I have designated in my head when I don't expect a true loser or something I won't enjoy And that expectation stands—it's a good story and I cared about most of the characters and the setting is outstandingBut I kind of ha

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    Update February 21st 2019I keep rereading this book and every time I do I love it even I thank the romance Goddesses for placing this wonderful story in my way Sea Swept is without a doubt the best of the best in romance If I had to pick a book to read for the rest of my life this would be itFirst review July 2011My first book by Nora Roberts was Vision in White I actually read th

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    Nora is a master at cliched small towns I love these types of stories This is book one in her Chesapeake Bay saga About three brothers who were each adopted during their wild and abused adolescences by Ray and Stella uinn They grow up to be respectable honorable and handsome men After Ray is in a horrible accident and is on his death bed he makes the three brothers promise to take i

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