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Saving Dr Gregory Practice Nurse Polly Barnes hadn’t long been in her new job and so didn’t recognize Dr Matt Gregory when he had an accident in front of her cottage But she soon discovered what a very good doctor he was particularly with the pregnant mums Only later did she discover that in being widowed he had also lost his child but while he made it clear he would love to have an affair with Polly he no longer wanted any commitmentIf ever a man had good husband and father written all over him it was Matt and Polly determined to save him from himself

About the Author: Caroline Anderson

Caroline Anderson's first romance novel was published in 1991 by Mills & Boon and she specializes in medical romances Her most long and popular series is The Audley Memorial Hospital where romance is the best medicine of all In 2002 she published the original Double Destiny Duology where Fran Williams lives two different lifes and loves Now she has created a new successful series Yoxbur

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