Bare White and Rosy Nexus ePUB Í and Rosy MOBI

Bare White and Rosy Nexus Natasha Linnet has a weakness for older men preferably those with sufficient confidence to take her across their knees The directors of old fashioned wine merchants Hambling and Borse seem ideal for the task and they want her to work for them It's an offer too good to refuse but she uickly finds that she is expected to give a great deal than she had bargained for to a great many people and in a number of unexpected ways Only the temptations being dangled in front of her make it possible to put up with what is being inflicted from behindPart of the Natasha series a classic Penny Birch romp set in the world of wine merchants If you want some smut this is your book Some of it's a bit weird and it's not for the feint of heart It would make a good subject for a feminist interrogation though

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